Video of the Week: World’s Smallest Twin-Engine Airplane

Here's a YouTube clip that will have you reading through the comments and trying to make up your mind. Originally posted by user meetmrglock, this clip of "the world's smallest twin" has tongues wagging. (Click through to view.)

Video of the Week: Mountain Air Strip Landing

Following up on last week's theme of challenging landings, we've got an air strip in Courchevel, France that you'll have to see to believe. Not only does the PC-12 pilot in this clip have contend with mountainous slopes, but he only has 550 m (1,800') to do it.

Click through to view the video, originally posted on YouTube by user Intagen.

Video of the Week: Impressive Landing

AVweb reader Brett Bohannon brought this amazing video to our attention over the Thanksgiving holiday. (Watch your mailbox for an official AVweb hat, Brett!) The video was originally posted to YouTube by user Gooney87. Click through to watch as an unidentified pilot brings his Cessna to a graceful landing with only one landing gear available.

Video of the Week: CV-22 Osprey

AVweb's Russ Niles was on hand at Aviation Nation last week and brought back a terrific clip of the Osprey CV-22 making its public debut. We thought everyone would like to see it, so we're sharing it here as AVweb's "Video of the Week." (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Patty Wagstaff, Champion Aerobatic Pilot

Come take a wild ride with champion aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff in today's "Video of the Week"! This week's clip was posted on YouTube by user Louie Schwartzberg and brought to our attention by AVweb reader Paul Stambaugh. (We'll be sending Paul a hat for his troubles - and we'll do the same for you, if you point us to an interesting new video that we use here in "VOTW.")

Video of the Week: Boeing 747 SP Retirement Landing

Welcome to AVweb's "Video of the Week" feature, where we like to kick off the work week with an interesting video we (or more often, our readers) have discovered on the web. This week's featured video comes from South African pilot Rudi Greyling and features the retirement landing of a Boeing 747 at Rand Airport in Germiston. Click through to watch and remember to send us a link when you come across interesting videos. We watch every one of them, and if we use yours here, we'll send you an AVweb cap as a "thank you.")

Video of the Week: U.S.A. vs. Japan in the ‘Open a Beer Bottle with...

Each week, we get a handful of e-mails from AVweb readers who've found interesting, funny, or downright strange videos while surfing the web. And since we love a good diversion as much as the next aviation buff, we're doing our part to keep these viral videos alive by sharing one a week with the rest of you. Today's clip features the most expensive bottle opener you're ever liable to see, courtesy of Click through to watch! (And remember to tell us about any interesting videos you run across out there!)

Video of the Week: Portuguese Pilot Opts for a Go-Around

Welcome back to AVweb's latest showcase of the funny, interesting, and downright mind-blowing - "Video of the Week"! This week's clip should have you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next - courtesy of YouTube's misfit22.

Don't forget to send us links to any interesting videos you find out there. If you're impressed by it, there's a good chance other AVweb readers will be too. (Plus, we like watching videos.)

Video of the Week: Helicopter Take-Off Accident

Amazing, frightening, funny, and cool videos continue to trickle in throughout the week since we've set up a special address for you to send us video recommendations! Thanks for keeping us entertained throughout the week - and please keep the videos coming.
This week's clip is a take-off close call guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of your neck, courtesy of YouTube's scottuh1. Click through to watch ... .

Video of the Week: RC Model Airplane Indoor Aerobatics

New and interesting videos continue to trickle in through reader recommendations. Thank you very much! This week, lest we forget to include it in our new "Video of the Week" feature, we showcase an amazing clip that ran at our AirVenture booth in Oshkosh this summer. Many AVweb readers stopped to speculate with us on what was going on in this clip - and we discovered just how many of you are Radio Control airplane buffs! If you've never been to an R.C. meet or have no interest in these tiny aircraft, this is just the clip to show you why so many people are fascinated by them.

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