Video of the Week: In-Cockpit Prop Failure Video from the 1991 Reno Air Races

Our last couple of "Video of the Week" clips have been light-hearted and funny, but this week we swing the pendulum in the other direction, with a scary incident of prop failure during the 1991 Reno Air Races. The in-cockpit video comes from YouTube user karenmorss. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Their War, Our World, Your Videos – The Transforming Boeing...

What's summer without a few big-budget, special-effects-heavy, totally-unbelievable blockbuster movies? In the spirit that brings us films like Fantastic Four and Die Hard - and, most especially, Transformers, which opens in two weeks - we think it's time to bring you something totally off-beat and just darn cool. Presenting, from the Japanese film The Returners (and thanks to a tip from AVweb reader Gerald Avella), a transforming 747. (Click through to watch.)

Betting starts now on how many AVweb readers will ask Boeing staff at AirVenture when the new transforming jet goes into production!

Video of the Week: Curtiss P-40N Warhawk Taxi & Takeoff

This week, we cast our far-roving eye toward the viral video clips of Australia (specifically, Wangaratta, Victoria - a well-known source of "POTW" submissions for AVweb). YouTube user hyperscale treats us to some candid video of a Curtiss P-40N Warhawk taxiing and taking off from Wangaratta. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: B757 Bird Strike at Manchester Ringway Airport

We all know the impact of bird strikes on small aircraft, but when was the last time you saw their effect on something as large as a Boeing 757? Simon Lowe was on hand when a Thomson 757 engine sucked in a bird on take-off a few weeks ago, and he caught the whole thing on video. Thanks to AVweb reader Lawrence Braden for sending us the clip. (Click through to watch.)

Exclusive Video: Our Sun ‘n Fun Ride-Along in the Incredible Adventures DC-3

At the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In a few weeks ago, AVweb's Russ Niles got to left-seat in Herpa's DC-3, courtesy of Incredible Adventures. Join us for what some would call the experience of a lifetime, as Dan Gryder guides us (carefully) through the flight.

Video of the Week: 25 Hours of FedEx Flights

Move over, Jack Bauer! If you think you accomplish a lot in one day, check out this week's time-lapse map showing all of FedEx's flights inside the continental U.S. over a 25-hour period. Suddenly Memphis is starting to look a lot like the center of the universe ... .

Video of the Week: Bombardier CL-415 Canadair Heavy Water Bombers in Action

With fire-fighting season upon us, we'd like to call your attention to the amazing heavy water bombers that turn the tide of so many forest fire battles in North America each year. This week's clip comes to us from the folks at Dryden Regional Airport in Ontario, Canada. Take a quick fly-along with two of their Canadair Bombardier CL-415s as they pick up water and make a drop. And for more on Ontario's fire-fighting flyers, check out the province's Aviation and Forest Fire Management division. (Click through to watch.)

Exclusive Video Preview of Cessna’s NGP Proof-of-Concept Aircraft from Sun ‘n Fun 2007

Glenn Pew speaks with Cessna vice president of propeller aircraft sales, John Doman, about the company's Next Generation Piston proof-of-concept (NGP POC) aircraft.

Video of the Week: Agrorotors Helicopter Power Line Maintenance

Man's best friend is the dog, but the electric companies' best friend may well be the helicopter. Last week, we saw how helicopters do thankless jobs like tree-trimming around power lines. This week, let's take a look at some other (pretty impressive) line maintenance that could only be done with the assistance of pilots. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Helicopter Tree-Trimming

"Ever wonder how they trim the trees around power lines?" That's the question YouTube user daveyonce answers for us in this week's video clip. (Click through to watch.)

Gen. Charles McGee: A Remembrance

Gen. Charles McGee of the famed Tuskegee Airman died last week at 102. As anyone who met him will recall, he led a long life of dignified, quiet heroism.

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