Video of the Week: Human ‘Flying Squirrel’

Who hasn't wanted to do this ever since he or she was a kid? Loic Jean Albert lives the dream in this clip from Ultimate Journey, sent to us by AVweb reader Noah Forden. Click through to watch.

Video of the Week: Ultralight Flying over Cambodia with Lee Baer (Kompong Speu International)

Over the last few months, we've seen quite a few amazing videos from AVweb readers - and if we've learned one thing, it's how tough it can be to stage, shoot, and produce your own video. Sometimes you'll see something from the air that's incredible - but capturing that in a video can be tough. Ultralight pilot Lee Baer seems to have mastered the art is our latest "Video of the Week" clip. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Whidbey Island Mooney Approach

Don't try this one at home kids - midfield landing on a short strip in a Mooney, with no "out" due to the pilot's long landing and tall trees all around the airport. It's too bad we don't have Smell-O-Vision yet, because you'd actually be able to smell the rubber burn when he locks the brakes to avoid a runway overrun.

Video of the Week: Barb MacLeod & Max Bell’s 52-1/2-Turn Aerobatic Spin

In the wake of aviation instructor and spin king William Kershner's passing, we thought this would be a good time to share a video AVweb editor Jen Whitley had on hand from a few years ago. In this incredible clip, aerobatics pros Barb MacLeod and Max Bell perform a 52-and-a-half-turn spin in Austin, Texas during the winter of 1994. Click through to watch the video and be amazed.

Video of the Week: Crosswind Aircraft Testing

Welcome back to the working week! AVweb's "Video of the Week" is here to ease the transition, with a little help from YouTube user Whatmap and his/her video clip, "Crosswind Aircraft Testing." (Click through to view.)

Video of the Week: Stopped-Engine Aerobatics with Bob Hoover

After seeing this video posted by skoey on YouTube, there was no doubt it would be this week's "Video of the Week." Have a look at the amazing airplane-gliding aerobatic feats of Bob Hoover, and we think you'll see why. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Happy Holidays from AVweb

Happy holidays from AVweb!
Aviation-themed videos will return next week, but since we're posting this edition of "VOTW" on Christmas morning, December 25, 2006, we thought we'd take a few moments to sip our hot cocoa and share one of the most fun viral videos that's hit the web in the last few years. This week's amazing video showcases the patience and ingenuity of Ohio electrical engineer Carson Williams, whose 2004 Christmas lights display, synchronized to the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizard in Winter" (buy it here) sparked so much chatter that it has its own page on the myth-busting web site (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Near-Miss with a T-38 Trainer

Our latest "Video of the Week" is nail-biting footage of what's often called a "near-miss" - although they're more accurately called "near-mid-air-collisions." Watch as one pilot gets a little too close for comfort to a T-38 trainer in this clip posted to YouTube by smkenney7 and marked as being from Randolph Air Force Base. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: World’s Smallest Twin-Engine Airplane

Here's a YouTube clip that will have you reading through the comments and trying to make up your mind. Originally posted by user meetmrglock, this clip of "the world's smallest twin" has tongues wagging. (Click through to view.)

Video of the Week: Mountain Air Strip Landing

Following up on last week's theme of challenging landings, we've got an air strip in Courchevel, France that you'll have to see to believe. Not only does the PC-12 pilot in this clip have contend with mountainous slopes, but he only has 550 m (1,800') to do it.

Click through to view the video, originally posted on YouTube by user Intagen.

Guest Blog: The Wrong Way to Teach Forced Landings

Engine failure training emphasizes what to do after it quits. It should focus on keeping it from quitting in the first place.

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