SyberJet’s Latest SJ30i At NBAA

At NBAA 2019 in Las Vegas, SyberJet was showing a cockpit and cabin mock-up of its latest SJ30i, and it also brought...

Pilatus Reveals PC-12 NGX

At NBAA 2019 in Las Vegas, Pilatus was showing an update to its popular PC-12 utility turboprop. The PC-12 NGX has...

Alsim’s Simulator For Flight Schools

Although Redbird dominates the U.S. affordable simulator market, the French company Alsim has offerings for flight schools. In this AVweb Classic video...

In-Depth Look At The Icon A5 And The Company’s Production Reset

Icon has been on the general aviation scene for a full decade trying to gain traction for its innovative A5 amphibious light...

Why Gear-up Landings Happen

Gear-up landings in retractable aircraft don't happen every day, but they happen often enough that the accident file is rich with examples....

Guest Video: A New Look At Stall Avoidance

In this week's video and courtesy of the FlightChops YouTube channel, we're looking at Dan Gyder's idea for avoiding stalls by simply marking the airspeed indicator with a minimum speed.

David Clark Pro-X2 Flight Trial

While we like the comfort of Bose and LightSpeed headsets, the circumaural—around the ear—design isn't comfortable for everyone. So veteran headset maker David Clark is out with the new Pro-X2, a hybrid ANR model that's supra-aural—that is, it sits on top of the ear. It's mid-priced at $745. In this AVweb video, Aviation Consumer magazine's Larry Anglisano offers a bench and audio flight test of the new product.

Flight Trial: AeroVonics Innovative Electronic Gyros

A new startup called AeroVonics rolled out the most innovative panel-mount electronic displays we've seen in quite some time. In this AVweb...

Admit It: You Want A Flamethrower Drone

Well, maybe you don't. But the fact that these exist give the FAA regulatory heartburn nearly as hot as the drone's flaming stream of gasoline.

uAvionix skyBeacon: ADS-B In An Hour?

The uAvionix skyBeacon ADS-B Out device may be the easiest way to comply with the 2020 ADS-B mandate. In this previously published video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano reports on the details of the installation.

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AVweb Flight Trial: Cirrus TRAC Trainer

Cirrus has had great success in retail high performance aircraft market, but now it hopes to break into the training segment with a new airplane called the TRAC. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli recently flew with Ivy Mciver from Cirrus to wring the airplane out.

Well It Finally Happened Zachary. I Landed Gear Up*

I’m sure I flipped the switch to down. I mean, I remember doing it. I never forget.