NBAA 2021: Opening Day Commentary

The NBAA-BACE national convention is back in Las Vegas after a one-year hiatus, and the mood is positive. In this video Aviation...

NBAA 2021: Garmin G5000 Flight Deck

Garmin earned an STC for retrofitting its G5000 integrated avionics suite in the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS, an upgrade that gives these workhorses...

Second Look: Cub Shadows

A year ago, I shot and edited this video in moral support of my friend Christy Hansen, who was struggling to care...

Best Of The Web: Why Not Circular Runways?

In the early days of aviation, a crosswind landing was kind of an unknown thing. That's because flying fields were large enough...

AVweb Rewind: Insurance Roundtable

We continue to hear reports from readers being quoted shocking increases in aircraft insurance premiums. We have no reason to believe this...

KITPLANES’ Video: SubSonex Jet Flight

The word "accessible" and "jet aircraft" don't belong in the same sentence, but the SubSonex mini-jet probably comes closest to the idea....

Best Of The Web: Cardboard Cadet

When I was a kid, cardboard had just been invented, but video cameras hadn’t been so there’s no record of my kid-size...

Bad For Aviation: Hand Propping Run Amuck

Hand propping an aircraft engine, at least some engines, is a routine task, but it's woefully unforgiving of carelessness and lack of...

AeroLEDS New Combined Landing And Taxi Light

The LED industry continues to make great technological strides. In this video from our sister publication, KITPLANES, shot at AirVenture 2021, Ryan Edmark from AeroLEDS demonstrates the new Equinox LED. It combine a landing light and a taxi light in a single unit.

Best Of The Web: FO Burn Nails The Landing

When it launched in 2017, I was only vaguely aware of an ITV video series called "In The Cockpit." It’s still available...

Gen. Charles McGee: A Remembrance

Gen. Charles McGee of the famed Tuskegee Airman died last week at 102. As anyone who met him will recall, he led a long life of dignified, quiet heroism.

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AVweb Classic: Reviewing The Cirrus CAPS Record

The Cirrus line of aircraft have been flying for 20 years and although most people in aviation know they have full aircraft...