Blue Angels And Thunderbird Flybys Explained

In late April 2020, the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds dazzled the country with a series of 12-ship flybys of major American cities. In this video, former Thunderbirds commanding officer Richard McSpadden comments on what it takes to fly those demos and formations.

Blue Angels Atlanta Flyby

You no doubt saw last week's rare combined Blue Angels and Thunderbird flyby of several U.S. cities to honor health care workers toiling against COVID-19. But you certainly didn't see it like this. In spectacular cockpit footage, see what the pilots see when flying a tight formation flyby.

Four-Ship Bonanza Formation Tour of New York

In early April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic all but idled airline traffic in the U.S. What better opportunity to tour New York's three major airports—LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark—with a four-ship of Bonanzas, as detailed in this video graciously provided by Anil Sangwan.

Roy Halladay Crash Dissected

On April 14th, 2020, the NTSB released the docket for the fatal crash of an Icon A5 piloted by baseball star Roy Halladay. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli comments on the docket findings. You can find the full report on the NTSB site at

2020 Cirrus SR22T Flight Trial

For the 2020 model year, Cirrus has built in what it calls Cirrus IQ. Using cellular communications, a smartphone app and cloud storage, it has real-time trend and data monitoring that could ultimately lead to safety monitoring systems.

Best of the Web: An Idled Airline Fleet

Aviation has suffered its downturns, but nothing like the rapid impact of covid-19 on world airline fleets. Thousands of aircraft are parked, as detailed in this video from the Ishrion Aviation YouTube channel.

Best of the Web: F/A-18 Carrier Recovery

When Navy aircraft return to trap aboard a carrier in good weather, it's called a Case I operation. It's normally done entirely visually and "ziplip." No radio comms. In this video on the Wingnut172N channel, you can see the enter sequence from the break over the ship to the final arrestment.

AVweb’s DA40 NG Flight Trial

Diamond's diesel-powered DA40 NG is proving a popular choice for flight schools. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli explains the engine's details and gives the airplane a wring out in snowy London, Ontario.

NASA Super Computers Aim At Aircraft Noise

On an airliner, engines are a source of noise heard on the ground, but so is airflow over landing gear, flaps and slats. Using massive supercomputers to model airflow, NASA is seeking ways to reduce such noise. This AVweb video explains the project.

Sporty’s New Handheld Radio Field Report

Sporty's has a new handheld radio out called the PJ2. Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano has been putting the PJ2 through its paces and prepared this field report.

Will Parachutes Ever Be Other Than A Cirrus Thing?

Pipistrel is offering a whole airframe parachute for its new Panthera. We may see if it's as good a sales cudgel as it has been for Cirrus.

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