Personal Flight Simulators: FlyThisSim TouchTrainers »

FlyThisSim's line of TouchTrainer desktop BATD flight simulators that duplicate the cockpits of 147 aircraft offers an affordable way for an instrument pilot to say proficient. More

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AOPA will be holding a Rusty Pilots seminar at Sun ’n Fun this year for pilots who have been out of the air for a while and are looking to get flying... More

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We see it too often: A pilot's spouse and family refuse to fly with the pilot. It may be because the pilot unconsciously does things to frighten the... More

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This beautiful wing shot was taken over downtown Long Beach, California, on a scenic flight by pilot Brian Ringel. "I'm a charter pilot for Advanced Air out... More

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To start our new series on personal flight simulators, we go into the basics: what we consider to be a personal flight simulator, and what level of sim is... More

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Red Bull Air Race selected the VectorNav VN-300 Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) as the primary source of aircraft telemetry data for... More

Short Final »

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport has intersecting runways. Runway 7/25 handles all of the airlines and most private jets while the parallel 15/33 pair is for... More