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AVmail: March 21, 2016 »

Reader Eric Smith takes us to task for recent comments on the "AVweb Insider" blog about appropriate chatter on the radio: "Anyone who flies on VFR weekends knows that CTAFs are awash in squealing verbal garbage, making it often impossible to announce a position or identify the cluck who's announcing every stinkin' leg of the traffic pattern or that he's taxiing to the runway at your airport so you can confiscate his microphone and return it only after he learns that the radio does not produce lift. While I agree that many pilots do not effectively communicate on a CTAF, complaining about a pilot reporting his/her position on every leg or when taxiing onto the runway is way off base. Your comments may lead pilots to believe that this is inappropriate, and it is not. I'd rather have frequent reporting rather than have a plane magically appear on a one-mile final or report he's now taking off when I am half a mile from the threshold. Take a look at the AIM -- Table 4-1-1 (SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDED COMMUNICATION PROCEDURES), which says reporting before taxi, and on downwind, base and final are all appropriate. If done properly, frequent reporting beats the alternative." Click through to read other letters from AVweb readers. More

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