NASA Announces Atmospheric Waves Experiment

NASAs latest mission is to watch the weather. Space weather, that is. Planned to launch in August 2022 to the International Space Station, the Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) will focus on colorful bands of light in Earths atmosphere, called airglow, to determine what combination of forces drive space weather in the upper atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic Flies Third Crew Member

Virgin Galactic sent its first passenger to the edge of space Friday although it wasnt a paying customer. The companys astronaut trainer Beth Moses rode in the passenger cabin of the spacecraft Unity on the flight Friday morning from the companys base at Mojave, California.

Israel Preparing Moon Shot

Israel hopes to add its name to the growing list of spacefaring countries that have landed spacecraft on the moon.

Top Letters And Comments, January 18, 2019

This week's letters brought comments from readers about landing on a freeway, airline security, Elon Musks spaceship, Boeing's truss-braced wing design and Southwest Airlines.

SpaceX Laying Off 10 Percent Of Staff

After celebrating a series of successful launches, including the final shipment of Iridium satellites to low earth orbit last week, SpaceX has announced its laying off about 10 percent of its staff.

Top Letters And Comments, January 11, 2019

This week's letters brought comments from readers about remembering Herb Kelleher, the effects of the government shutdown, newly released SpaceX rocket images and the Bernoulli Effect.

China Rising In Space

If anyone is paying attention, China driving a probe around the far side of the Moon ought to stoke some competitive fires. Question is, will it?

SpaceX Releases Image Of Finished Spaceship

Over the weekend, Elon Musk tweeted out images of what his completed Spaceship test vehicle will look like, and said it should be ready for first flight within eight weeks.

Shutdown Scrubs Space Launch

The government shutdown has reached beyond the national airspace system and postponed at least one space launch.

First Landing Made On Moons Far Side

A Chinese probe has become the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA). CNSA says the probe, named Chang'e-4, touched down at 10:26 a.m. Beijing Time on Thursday.

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Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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