Shutdown Straining System »

As the government shutdown grinds on with no end in sight, calls from the aviation industry to restore funding are getting more strident and the system is starting to show some strain. More

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Small Device Drives Airport... »

Imagine you live close to a major airport, and since NextGen has changed many air routes in the last few years, a lot more noisy airplanes fly right over... More

Researchers Launch Pilot... »

Purdue University’s Research Foundation is helping two Purdue alumni develop and market a new aviation communications simulator aimed at helping new... More

16-Day Presidential TFR... »

The longest-ever presidential TFR in South Florida goes into effect on Dec. 21 as President Donald Trump heads to his West Palm Beach resort for up to 16 days. More

Picture of the Week,... »

Morning after first snowfall on the Tehachapi mountains. Taken with GoPro underwing mount on Beechcraft Musketeer at 8,500 feet. Photo by Cliff Lowerre. More

Top Letters And Comments,... »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about flying without an ASI, using GA airplanes for Thanksgiving travel, aircraft registration, air traffic... More

GAO Investigates FBO Pricing »

The Government Accountability Office has bitten on AOPA’s two-year-long campaign to end what it says is gouging by FBOs at some airports. More