To Go, or Maybe Not to Go »

In this world where cell phones can perform more functions than the computer of only a few decades past, many pilots prefer to brief themselves. Doing so when the weather is good is easy—when the online aviation weather options show a dry, high pressure system with no indication of turbulence or other adverse weather advisory. But what about when the weather turns dicey? More

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Picture of the Week, July... »

A sunset flight with Kyle Bushman, his 1943 N3N-3, and good friend Bryan Harper outside of Creswell, Oregon. The photoship was piloted by Jonathan Apfelbaum.... More

Picture of the Week, June... »

On June 14-17 there was a STOL competition on the beach in Knokke, Belgium. Even though this PA-28 wasn't STOL capable, the 600 meter long runway was long... More

What’s My GPS TellIng Me? »

Understand the significance of those lines and numbers on the display. More

Picture of the Week, June... »

Plane Sailing's Canso A amphibian G-PBYA 'Miss Pick Up' repainted in its current magnificent scheme representing a wartime USAAF OA-10A Catalina 44-33915 of... More

Picture of the Week, May... »

Lenticular clouds on a flight in a Robin DR40 through the Bernina mountains in Switzerland. Camera: iPhone SE Photo by Paul Hopff. More

Picture of the Week, May... »

A Skywagon ride on Mother's Day weaving through the Washington Cascades on the way to Friday Harbor for a fun-filled day. Photo by Brian Brantner. More