Unmanned Vehicles

Administration Wants Drone Shoot Down Authority »

As the drone industry gears up to produce technology to knock down their own products, they may find a big customer in the U.S. government. The Trump administration is circulating draft legislation that would give the government sweeping powers to track and destroy drones over the U.S., according to The New York Times. More

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Skydiver Jumps Via Drone »

Aerones, a drone company based in Latvia, has posted a video online showing a custom drone with 28 rotors carrying a skydiver aloft to about 1,000 feet,... More

'Drones Are The New UFOs': AMA »

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Griff's Giant Heavy Lift Drone »

Most people think of drones as annoying little buzzing quadcopters. Don't say that to the Griff Aviation Guardian, a 160-pound working drone that can lift... More

Intel's Falcon 8+... »

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