L3 NGT9000 ADS-B Product Tour

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L3 Aviation Products continues to advance its Lynx NGT9000 multifunction ADS-B transponder. In addition to ADS-B weather and traffic, the new software enables display of Stormscope lightning data, enhanced traffic surveillance and terrain alerting. Aviation Consumer magazine Editor Larry Anglisano went flying with the system, along with L3's Todd Scholten and Jessica Power, in the L3 company airplane for this product demonstration video.

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Comments (3)

I've installed two of these so far and use them every week to fly in some pretty high traffic areas like the SF bay area and the LA basin. I put the traffic on the left display and use the right for ADS-B uplink information.

The best part of the NGT9000 is you have a separate screen for display of these data keeping your GPS free and uncrowded. You can pretty much set the display and forget it. Rather than the transponder being "wasted" panel space it's now a useful display. In the aircraft wthout a GPS I put the Lynx at the top of the stack and in the aircraft with a GPS/NAV/COM I put it just below the GPS. The things you touch least and look at most went at the top and vice versa. The radios are at the bottom.

Another very important factor is the NGT9000 will work with nearly all PEDs and EFB software. I use WingX and for example and the Garmin 345 will NOT work with that software while the Lynx was literally turn it, touch to connect the WiFI and it's working. It's ZERO configuration. There is none of this "pairing" mess to deal with.

The Lynx uses WiFi not bluetooth (e.g. 345) which means there is no "pairing" process and no limitation imposed by the one-to-one device "pairing" process. Although I have not actually tested it with multiple PEDs I see no reason multiple devices couldn't be used as there is no architectural limitation imposed by definition. For Garmin to have decided on the use of BT and the limitation to Foreflight there has to be a trap for users there. Maybe it's a kickback, but I want none of it.

From an installation perspective, the Lynx is completely an independent system. It has its own position source. You don't need to deal with integration with a GPS or other display. Installation is a receive antenna and reuse of your existing transponder antenna and power. No signals need be passed to anything and no programming or software needs to be changed. By contrast, the 345 requires integration with another display device in order to get the benefits of ADS-B such as traffic and weather. This involves wiring, programming, and usually software "upgrades" which can of course impose more complication and delay. I see no benefit to clustering everything up.

This also has implications for reliability. Your GPS unit can fail or have a bad day and you're still going to have a display that can give you a rough position indication along with traffic and other information. I've seen it where the GPS lost position and the Lynx did not.

L3 seems to have done an impeccable job with the little box. It's very well built, the metal work is higher quality, the installation kit is complete, and even the packaging is better being real cut foam versus a bunch of injected goop. And it comes with a manual you can read. Some products such as the 345 require you to download any documentation and print it. Isn't that kinda cheesey?

The NGT9000 is a few dollars more but it's worth it in my opinion to have a more compatible system, a separate display and completely independent system that doesn't depend on anything else for installation or execution.

Posted by: FILL CEE | August 21, 2017 11:23 AM    Report this comment

That unit looks nice, and obviously functional. Wonder if the USB socket on the front could be used to feed the display to a Ipad? Would make for a much larger and usable display.

Posted by: Doug Ryan | August 22, 2017 6:51 PM    Report this comment

The Lynx has a wireless interface for tablet overlay.

Posted by: LARRY ANGLISANO | August 22, 2017 8:27 PM    Report this comment

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