Garmin's Turbine Avionics at NBAA 2018 »

As the National Business Aircraft Association convention opens in Orlando, Florida, Garmin is showing off its G5000 retrofit for the Cessna Citation XLS, plus a variety of other equipment, including the G700TXi. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano is at the convention and talked with Garmin's Phil Straub about the advancement of Garmin avionics for the turbine market. More

How Mission Aviation Fellowship Uses Its Aircraft »

Aircraft--especially utility aircraft--are ideal for missionary work in remote locations. In this AVweb video, Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten discusses the organization's aircraft and use of aviation in humanitarian efforts around the world. More

Restoring a World War I DH-4 »

When the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, it had no suitable combat aircraft so the British-designed DH-4 was adopted and manufactured in volume in the U.S. Because the 400-HP Liberty engine was used, the American-made DH-4s were called Liberty Planes. Very few survive to this day, but in this AVweb video shot at AirVenture, we offer a detailed tour of the airplane and how it's being restored. More

Engine Corrosion Tips From RAM Aircraft »

With flying activity declining, many aircraft sit idle for months at a time. This causes serious corrosion issues inside the engines and in this AVweb video, RAM Aircraft of Waco, Texas, tells us how to avoid these problems. More

Flying The Mooney Acclaim: The Fastest Piston Single »

Mooney has re-tooled the Acclaim in the Acclaim Ultra, making it the fastest certified piston single in the world. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took the airplane for a test flight with Mooney's Lee Drumheller. And yes, it goes as fast as the book claims it does. More

ADS-B Installation Field Report »

With the Jan. 1, 2020, ADS-B equipage mandate quickly approaching, Aviation Consumer magazine is kicking up its field reporting on ADS-B installations. We'll be visiting with busy shops throughout the country—the folks on the front line—to learn about buying patterns, scheduling backlog and other tidbits to help readers with the buying decision. In this video, Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano spent some time with Brian Wolfe at NexAir Avionics, a busy shop located outside of Boston, Massachusetts. More

The Strange But True Story Of The Cornfield Bomber »

AVweb blogger Paul Berge recently observed--only half in jest--that an airplane would land itself if left unattended. It has happened, as this AVweb classic video shows. The incident, which occurred in 1970, has become known as the Cornfield Bomber. After the pilot ejected because he couldn't recover from a flat spin, the airplane righted itself and landed in a cornfield. It was recovered, repaired and flew again. This video details one of the most bizarre incidents in aviation history. More

Flight Bag Roundup »

The pilot's flight bag has gotten smaller over the years and in a market flooded with compact flight totes, four bags—all with different styling—survived our long-term evaluation and earned our critical praise. In this video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano offers a close look at four favorites on the Aviation Consumer evaluation bench. More

Why Light Sport Airplanes Suffer So Many Crashes »

Light sport airplanes were supposed to be a cheaper alternative to certified aircraft and they are. But AVweb's look at the accident record of these airplanes confirms what many skeptics worried about: They suffer more crashes than standard category aircraft. This video explains why. More

Cessna T206H HD Stationair Demo »

Cessna's load-hauling 206-series Stationair has always been a working pilot's airplane. With an increase in useful load, Garmin's G1000 NXi integrated avionics, leather seating and a cowling design that helps manage engine heat, the 2018 T206H HD is the flagship product in Textron Aviation's single-engine Cessna piston lineup. More