Vulcanair's Skyhawk Competitor »

At AirVenture 2017, the Italian company Vulcanair was showing its new 1.0 trainer. At $259,000, it's a far less expensive alternative to the popular Cessna 172. In this exclusive AVweb video, the company's Remo DeFeo gives us a tour of the aircraft. More

NASA Orion Simulator at AirVenture »

Lockheed Martin brought their simulator for the vehicle they hope will transport people to Mars and maybe further. We talked with their Deputy Director for Orion about how a sim shapes the design of the real article. More

EPS Returns to Airventure with Graflight Diesel »

After a one year absence, Engineered Propulsion Systems was back at AirVenture this year showing off its innovative Graflight engine. In this video, AVweb interviewed EPS's Michael Fuchs for an update on this engine. More

AVweb's First Look At ForeFlight Scout »

At AirVenture 2017, AVweb's Geoff Rapoport spoke with Angela Anderson, ForeFlight's director of marketing, about the ForeFlight Scout--the smallest and least expensive ADS-B in receiver on the market. Designed specifically to integrate with ForeFlight Mobile, they're on sale now for $200. More

Stratos 714 Comes To Oshkosh »

AVweb's Geoff Rapoport speaks with Fred Hadlich of Stratos Aircraft about their Stratos 714 proof of concept. Following years of incremental progress and cabin mock-ups, Stratos arrived at Oshkosh 2017 with a real airplane. After first flight in November 2016, the proof of concept aircraft is still early in envelope expansion testing. At 70 flight hours, company test pilots have taken the Stratos 714 to 330 knots true airspeed, 250 knots indicated and 18,000 feet. Kevin Jordan, chief sales officer, says the production airplane will carry four 200-pound passengers, with bags, for a 1,500 nautical mile trip at 400 knots true and FL410. More

AirVenture B-52 Cockpit Tour »

At AirVenture 2017, a B-52 has been on static display all week. In this video, Major Keith Vandagriff gave AVweb a detailed cockpit and aircraft tour. More

CubCrafters' XCub Gets The Garmin G3X Touch »

At AirVenture 2017, one of the major breakthroughs wasn't just fancy glass panels in taildraggers, but Garmin's heretofore experimental-only EFIS--the G3X--installed in CubCrafter's new XCub. In this video, Randy Lervold tells why the company decided to do it. More

PS Engineering Slide-and-Fly Audio Panel »

The PS Engineering PMA8000G is an advanced audio control panel that's designed as a slide-in replacement for Garmin's older GMA340 audio panel. Larry Anglisano got a demo of the system in the PS Engineering booth at AirVenture and prepared this video report. More

How EAA Keeps Those VWs Running »

You don't have to hang around AirVenture at Oshkosh long to spot one of EAA's modified VW Beetles. And boy has the fleet grown. What started with a few love-bugs has since grown to over 40 of them, and they've become critical to EAA's show transportation network. AVweb's intern Ashley Anglisano looked at the history and maintenance requirements of the fleet with Gary Doehling and prepared this short video from AirVenture 2017. More

BendixKing Brings New Products to AirVenture »

At AirVenture 2017, BendixKing showed up with three major products including an updated version of the previously announced KI300 EFIS, the new AeroCruze retrofit autopilot that's designed to replace legacy King autopilots, plus an Iridium-based satellite texting/SOS device. Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor Larry Anglisano took a look at the products with BendixKing's Jeff Kauffman and prepared this video report. More