Video: Modern Cub, Modern Design »

Nothing says Cub like the iconic yellow-with-lightning-bolt paint scheme of the J-3 but some buyers of Cub derivatives are looking for something a little more distinctive. CubCrafters' John Whitish showed an especially dynamic design at Sun 'n Fun earlier this year. More

Why Gear-up Landings Happen »

Gear-up landings aren't an everyday event, but they're hardly rare, either. In today's video, Paul Bertorelli examines why they happen, what the outcomes are and how you can avoid one if you fly a retrac. Putting the wheels down is a big help... More

Video: You Can Always Go Around »

Ken Dravis was inspired to pursue both music and aviation careers by superstar John Denver. Among his early compositions was a catchy tune called Go Around. Dravis is a NetJets captain who continues to record music and front a John Denver tribute band called Eagle River. More

How Daher Builds The TBM Turboprop »

With its TBM series of turboprops, Daher owns a unique niche as the fastest airplane in its class. AVweb recently visited the factory in Tarbes, France, and shot this video on how the aircraft are manufactured. More

AVweb Normandy Visit: Gliders Of D-Day »

This week marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day landings at Normandy. Paul Bertorelli visited St. Mere Eglise and shot this fascinating history of one of the most unusual airplanes in aviation history: the combat glider. More

Video: AVweb Classic, How To Land A DC-3 »

We had the opportunity to go on the test flight when John Sessions, of the Historic Flight Foundation, picked up his refurbished DC-3 from Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, British Columbia a few years ago. He was guided through his first landing by DC-3 guru Dan Gryder. More

Video: Zenair's Take On The SAM »

A few years ago, SAM Aircraft built an LSA with a retro look that gathered some interest but not many orders. Zenair took over the project and the result is a high-performance taildragger that looks and feels like what the original company might have been looking for. More

Drones That Track Footsteps »

As drones get ever more capable, a company called ARA has married them to a system of ground sensors that can automatically dispatch a drone to monitor suspicious foot traffic. That means border protection and military perimeter monitoring. More

HondaJet Flight Trial »

If you had around $4.8 million to spend on a new light jet, you might shop the Cessna Citation M2, the Embraer Phenom 100 and the HA-420 HondaJet. After earning Part 23 FAA certification in December 2015, Honda Aircraft Company has already delivered over 40 HondaJets and has spooled up production for a lot more deliveries. In this video, Honda Aircraft Company's manager of flight operation and demonstration discusses the aircraft's design, systems and performance. A flight trial report follows in the July 2017 issue of Aviation Consumer magazine. More

Griff's Giant Heavy Lift Drone »

Most people think of drones as annoying little buzzing quadcopters. Don't say that to the Griff Aviation Guardian, a 160-pound working drone that can lift its own weight and then some. At the AUVSI Xponential show in Dallas, Griff was showing a prototype and AVweb's Paul Bertorelli shot a video describing it More