Kitty Hawk Multi-Rotor At AirVenture »

At AirVenture, a California startup called Kitty Hawk rolled out a unique new multi-rotor aircraft that's essentially similar to a large drone. It will carry a single person and be manufactured under ultralight standards. AVweb interviewed Kitty Hawk's Todd Reichert for this AirVenture video. More

uAvionix's Low-Cost ADS-B Out »

At AirVenture, buyers who have been waiting for something easier and cheaper to satisfy the ADS-B Out requirement may be happy they did. uAvionix, a company that specializes in unmanned aircraft avionics, was showing a new product that simply replaces a standard nav light with a combination light and ADS-B Out unit. Connect power and ground and you're done. Here's AVweb's report on this new product. More

UPS's All Female Crew At OSH »

A UPS Airlines 767 with an all-female crew (including maintenance support) arrived at AirVenture's Boeing Plaza on Wednesday to serve as a backdrop for the annual WomenVenture photo. AVweb intern Ashley Anglisano spoke with Captain Alyse Adkins about her work with UPS Airlines, how she got to the left seat of the 767 and how other aspiring females can find their way in aviation. More

Vulcanair's Skyhawk Competitor »

At AirVenture 2017, the Italian company Vulcanair was showing its new 1.0 trainer. At $259,000, it's a far less expensive alternative to the popular Cessna 172. In this exclusive AVweb video, the company's Remo DeFeo gives us a tour of the aircraft. More

EPS Returns To AirVenture With Graflight Diesel »

After a one-year absence, Engineered Propulsion Systems was back at AirVenture this year showing off its innovative Graflight engine. In this video, AVweb interviewed EPS's Michael Fuchs for an update on this engine. More