iStart Improves Hot Starting »

iStart is a gadget that controls the fuel in an injected engine and improves hot starting. At Sun 'n Fun, they were showing the system and announced approvals for certified aircraft. Here's an AVweb video explaining the system. More

Levil Aviation's New BOM And ADS-B »

At Sun 'n Fun 2017, Levil Aviation introduced two innovative avionics products, one called the BOM and a second, an ADS-B Out system built entirely into the antenna that's installed on the belly of the aircraft. The BOM is a clever self-self contained AHRS, pitot system, GPS and angle of attack system contained in a wing mounted pod and driven by a small wind turbine on the back of the unit. More

TruTrak Nears Autopilot Certification »

Experimental autopilot manufacturer TruTrak, in partnership with EAA, has been working on FAA certification for its low-cost Vizion digital autopilot. Initially, the Vizion will have AML-STC approval for Cessna Skyhawk and Cardinal models, but others are planned as early as this summer. In this video, TruTrak's Andrew Barker talked with Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano about the status of the project. More

Patrouille de France At SnF »

The Patrouille de France added some color to Sun 'n Fun 2017 with a display of precision formation and individual aerobatics Tuesday. AVweb spoke with the future Team Lead of the team, Commandant Nicolas Lieumont. More

Cessna's Moose Carrying 206 »

Cessna sent a new 206 Turbo Stationair HD to Sun 'n Fun 2017 in Lakeland, Florida, and AVweb crawled all over it to report on the updates. From the cockpit, the plane feels like a really nice Cessna 182 with the new Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck, but up front there's a turbocharged Lycoming producing 310 hp. That 310 hp is how the big piston Cessna gets its maximum useful load of 1,623 pounds--if you're willing to remove all the seats save one. More