Textron Displays Cessna SkyCourier Mock-Up »

Textron introduced the Cessna SkyCourier turboprop as a utility cargo hauler but has found growing interest in its versatility even before the first aircraft has been flown. The company is showing off a mock-up of a 19-passenger configuration at the National Business Aircraft Association convention in Orlando, Florida. More

Garmin's Turbine Avionics At NBAA 2018 »

As the National Business Aircraft Association convention opens in Orlando, Florida, Garmin is showing off its G5000 retrofit for the Cessna Citation XLS, plus a variety of other equipment, including the G700TXi. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano is at the convention and talked with Garmin's Phil Straub about the advancement of Garmin avionics for the turbine market. More

How Mission Aviation Fellowship Uses Its Aircraft »

Aircraft--especially utility aircraft--are ideal for missionary work in remote locations. In this AVweb video, Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten discusses the organization's aircraft and use of aviation in humanitarian efforts around the world. More

Restoring a World War I DH-4 »

When the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, it had no suitable combat aircraft so the British-designed DH-4 was adopted and manufactured in volume in the U.S. Because the 400-HP Liberty engine was used, the American-made DH-4s were called Liberty Planes. Very few survive to this day, but in this AVweb video shot at AirVenture, we offer a detailed tour of the airplane and how it's being restored. More

Engine Corrosion Tips From RAM Aircraft »

With flying activity declining, many aircraft sit idle for months at a time. This causes serious corrosion issues inside the engines and in this AVweb video, RAM Aircraft of Waco, Texas, tells us how to avoid these problems. More