Lyc-Powered DA42 Certified In Canada


Diamond Aircraft has received supplementary type certification (STC) for its Lycoming-powered DA42 L360 from Transport Canada. The STC allows the production of new aircraft and the retrofit of twins originally equipped with Thielert diesels. The conventionally powered DA42 was a partial response to the problems caused by the insolvency of Thielert last year. The DA42 NG, powered by the Diamond-built Austro diesel, has been certified in Europe and CEO Peter Maurer said the fallout development of the Austro and Lycoming models gives current and future customers more options than ever. “Obviously, Diamond is dedicated to the advancement of GA powerplant technology, specifically the jet-fuel piston engines, however some customers expressed a desire to combine the DA42’s proven airframe with familiar and conventional avgas engines,” he said. The FAA hasn’t signed off on the Lycoming STC but under agreements between Transport Canada and the FAA that’s mostly a matter of paperwork.

Maurer said a key part of both the Austro and Lycoming programs was ensuring that existing customers with Thielert-equipped aircraft wouldn’t be left behind. “With the frustrations experienced by our customers and ourselves, as a result of the TAE insolvency last year, we took great pains to ensure the retrofitability of existing delivered aircraft and not just the production of new aircraft,” Maurer said.