AirVenture Time Capsule: 2016

The return of air demonstration teams to the Air Venture air show was marked in 2016 with the graceful routine of the...

LSA Weight Limit Likely To Include Four-Seat Aircraft

AirVenture 2019 may be cheek-by-jowl with spiffy little two-seat LSAs, but four years from now, sport airplanes with four seats might just be a...

Texas Aircraft Launches Colt With Discount

Texas Aircraft is jump-starting the launch of its new Colt light sport aircraft with a $12,000 discount for orders placed this week at AirVenture....

Redbird Launches GIFT Instrument Rating, Corvus

Redbird Flight Simulations introduced GIFT Instrument Rating, a companion training program for Redbird simulators that is uses AI-monitored lessons and feedback to...

AirVenture: Half-Century Celebrations

One of the things that makes Oshkosh special is the simultaneous focus on...

Short Final: Airport In Sight

Returning home to Peachtree DeKalb airport in metro Atlanta, I heard the following:

Top Letters And Comments, July 19, 2019

This week's letters brought comments from readers about EAA founder Paul Poberezny, Pipistrels training future Air Force pilots and the legacy of Apollo 11.

Hillsboro Heli Academy Partners with Bristow on New Career Pathway

Hillsboro Heli Academy, a division of Hillsboro Aero Academy based in Troutdale, Oregon, has added another industry leader to its Career Pathway Program. Hillsboro Heli Academy has just finalized an agreement with Bristow on a career pathway for its helicopter students.

Land of Enchantment Fly-In (LOEFI)

The 29th annual Land of Enchantment Fly-In (LOEFI) will be held on Sep 21, 2019 at Double Eagle II (KAEG, West Mesa Airport) in Albuquerque, NM.
PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Painting the Waco
An artist paints a portrait of the 1929 Waco GXE at the 60th Annual National Waco Club Reunion at Wynkoop Field in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The event was attended by 32 Wacos. This photo was taken with a Nikon D7500. It is uncropped and adjusted for contrast. Copyrighted photo by John E. Rees.

You Want a Lomcovak With That?

Our intrepid blogger said sure, why not? Of course, just when you think it's over, it get worse.

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Avionics At AirVenture 2019 The latest avionics are usually popular with the crowds at AirVenture and this year is...