Virgin Orbit Launch Successful

Virgin Orbit joined the commercial space race Sunday with the successful air launch of a rocket that boosted a payload of small...

Cadillac Joins eVTOL Race

Cadillac appears to be taking its current marketing slogan (“Rise Above”) literally as it jumps into the eVTOL market with a quadrotor....

NASA Rocket Test Shut Down Early

A planned eight-minute burn of NASA’s Artemis program rocket boosters on Saturday was cut short after little more than a minute but...

FAA Safety Alert Addresses Pop-Up ATC COVID Closures

The FAA has issued a safety notice telling pilots something many have already found out the hard way. It’s warning that air...

Homebuilt Accidents: The Pilot’s Condition

Flying any aircraft—homebuilt or not—requires the pilot to be alert. The person at the stick has to have their brain firing on all cylinders. But occasionally they don’t.

Short Final: Throwing Out The Anchor

At the end of a five‑hour final leg of a cross‑country trip from...

General Aviation Accident Bulletin

AVweb's General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister...

Universal Avionics Adds to InSight Display System Portfolio with Latest Hawker 800XP Upgrade

Universal Avionics introduces its latest InSight Integrated Flight Deck solution with Authorized Dealer, Redimec S.R.L.’s installation on a Hawker 800XP.


Honeywell has introduced the next generation of its Cabin Pressure Control and Monitoring System with applications in both commercial and military aircraft.
The photo was taken on the south side of the island of Guam (nearest airport: PGUM). Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black (4K screen captured). Copyrighted photo by TrendVectorAviation/Tsuyoshi Kawakami.

Civility Shouldn’t Require Enforcement

The FAA and the airlines are developing a short fuse in handling unruly passengers. It should never have come to this.

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Insurance Roundtable

After years of soft premiums, the insurance market is turning harder. That means higher rates and insurability issues for aging pilots. Plus, your choice of aircraft can have serious ramifications for the cost and type of insurance coverage you can get—if you can even get the coverage you need. In this long-form video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano discusses the issues with three insurance professionals.