Boeing Creates $2 Million Prize For ‘Personal Flying Device’ »

Boeing Creates $2 Million Prize For ‘Personal Flying Device’

Boeing is offering $2 million in prize money to encourage innovators to create a “safe and easy-to-use personal flying device,” the company announced on Tuesday. The two-year competition, called “GoFly,” is open to teams from around the world. Boeing hopes the project will leverage recent advances in propulsion, energy, lightweight materials, and control and stability systems “to make the dream of personal flight a reality.”


Vintage Air Rally Seeking Participants »

Vintage Air Rally Seeking Participants

The Vintage Air Rally’s next event will run for six weeks from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Lakeland, Florida. Setting off from the southern tip of Argentina on March 1, 2018, the group expects fly to 9,000 miles, passing through 19 countries, and arrive in Florida just in time for Sun N’ Fun. For fifteen teams with the fortitude and access to a pre-WWII era airplane, the costs of participating in Ushuaia2USA (U2U) are fully covered by the sponsors.


Boston Globe Highlights Lack Of Scrutiny At FAA »

Boston Globe Highlights Lack Of Scrutiny At FAA

A two-part Boston Globe Spotlight investigation into the tracking of aircraft registrants and pilots with criminal ties found an overwhelming lack of scrutiny on the part of the Federal Aviation Administration. The investigation puts the FAA in the crosshairs for being unable to assist law enforcement with connecting U.S.-registered aircraft to the persons who actually own them—potentially an important piece of evidence in terrorism, drug trafficking and international corruption investigations.


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Blackhawk Hits Drone Over New York »

The Army has confirmed that one of its Blackhawk helicopters hit a drone while patrolling over New York City on Thursday. More

Typhoon Pilot Dies In Airshow Crash »

An Italian air force pilot is dead after his Typhoon fighter crashed in the ocean during an airshow near Rome on Sunday. More

Helicopter, Plane Collision At Clearwater »

An unusual collision sent the pilot of a light aircraft to the hospital for observation and left the pilot and passenger of a helicopter unscathed at a private strip near Clearwater, Florida, on... More

Aerial Artistry On Display »

A contest sponsored by Lightspeed and CloudAhoy is inspiring general aviation pilots to draw in the sky. Contestants make line drawings using the path of their airplanes, recorded using CloudAhoy,... More

AOPA Convenes Airport Access Advisory Panel »

After complaints from members about discriminatory fuel pricing and high ramp fees at airports with only one FBO, AOPA is putting some muscle into finding ways to force FBOs to lower their fees.... More

Plane-Blimp Hybrid Drone Debuts »

Two brothers in Seattle, working as Egan Airships, have built a drone that combines features from both fixed-wing aircraft and blimps to create an aircraft that can hover, take off and land... More

NTSB Blames Crew In Pence Overrun Incident »

“Several failures in close succession” by a jet’s flight crew were the probable cause of a runway excursion at LaGuardia Airport last October, according to the NTSB’s final... More

First Engine Start For Stratolaunch »

Stratolaunch, the massive airplane that is being built by Scaled Composites to deliver satellites to low Earth orbit, successfully ran all six of its Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines for the first... More



Intercoolers: Turbo Enhancement

Intercoolers: Turbo Enhancement »

Properly designed, intercoolers allow a turbocharged engine to develop more power at higher altitude and improve detonation margins and engine longevity. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I heard the aircraft part of this conversation to Grand Forks FSS at 21:05 local time recently. I was too far away to hear the controller but they wanted to know the time off for the aircraft ... Cessna 1234: “I was airborne at 9:05 ... Pause, Err, ahh, make that 26:05" ... No further calls were made. More


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Skytech Installs New Anti-Skid Braking System from Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc. on a Pilatus PC-12

Skytech, Inc. has recently completed their first installation of the new Advent Aircraft System, Inc. Anti-skid Braking System (eABS) on a Pilatus PC-12 NG.

Aviation & Oil Company Executive Christopher Cooper Rejoins MercFuel as EVP

Christopher Cooper to help lead Mercury Air Group subsidiary as consolidation hits aviation fuel market

Airforms Receives 2nd EASA STC

Airforms, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received EASA Approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows the replacement of the standard AN5 wheel bolts and hardware on Caravan main wheels with high strength Mil-Spec bolts and hardware.