One Killed Travelling to Eclipse Viewing »

One Killed Travelling to Eclipse Viewing

The pilot of a homebuilt Wheeler Express was killed when the engine reportedly “sputtered” in the traffic pattern, and the aircraft subsequently crashed in rugged terrain about a mile from Madras airport. The San Carlos, California based aircraft was travelling to Madras, Oregon for Monday’s solar eclipse. News reports originally stated that two people had been killed in the crash based on parking reservations made at the airport, but family members confirmed that the pilot was the sole person on board.


How Pilots, Passengers Are Viewing The Eclipse »

How Pilots, Passengers Are Viewing The Eclipse

Aug. 21 will likely go down in history as one of the most interesting for pilots, the FAA and airports across a middle swath of the country that will include the path of totality for a solar eclipse. The level of activity expected at airports along the path is pretty well documented but what is not know is how many aircraft are going to launch in the near darkness to experience the phenomenon from an airborne perch.


FSDOs Going Away This Weekend »

FSDOs Going Away This Weekend

The FAA is officially disbanding the regionally structured Flight Standards Service (FSS) on Monday. As of Aug. 21, the FSS will be based around four functional areas—Air Carrier Safety Assurance, General Aviation Safety Assurance, Safety Standard, and Foundational Business.


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I Scud Run for a Living

I Scud Run for a Living »

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Short Final:

Short Final »

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Press Releases

Skytech Installs New Anti-Skid Braking System from Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc. on a Pilatus PC-12

Skytech, Inc. has recently completed their first installation of the new Advent Aircraft System, Inc. Anti-skid Braking System (eABS) on a Pilatus PC-12 NG.

Aviation & Oil Company Executive Christopher Cooper Rejoins MercFuel as EVP

Christopher Cooper to help lead Mercury Air Group subsidiary as consolidation hits aviation fuel market

Airforms Receives 2nd EASA STC

Airforms, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received EASA Approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows the replacement of the standard AN5 wheel bolts and hardware on Caravan main wheels with high strength Mil-Spec bolts and hardware.