U.K. Labour Politicians Suggest Business Aviation Ban

Some U.K. politicians think business aircraft are too dirty to use their airports and business aviation groups have jumped to their industry’s...

Japan Raps ‘Dangerous’ U.S. Military Pilots

U.S. military pilots have been warned to straighten up and fly right by Japanese politicians concerned about the reported lapses in discipline...

Gender Reveal Stunt Injures Pilot, Damages Plane

A pilot was injured, an expensive ag plane was probably written off but the friends and family of an expecting couple know...

Updated MCAS ‘Safe’ Says MAX Technical Team

Bloomberg is reporting the independent group of experts formed to evaluate Boeing’s fixes for the 737 MAX has signed off on changes...

General Aviation Accident Bulletin

AVweb's General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister...

Short Final: The Lancaster Unicorn

Almost home to Lancaster, NY, after a long (for me) flight from Charlottesville, VA,...

Top Letters And Comments, November 8, 2019

This week's letters brought comments from readers about the risks of flying historic bombers, testing experimental aircraft, and Garmin's new autoland system.

Jet Logistics Continues Expanding AeroMedOPS™ Globally

FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Jet Logistics announced its “AeroMedOPS™” worldwide air medical transport program for client partners spanning numerous regions of the globe has set various new international mission activity records in 2019.

Qatar Airways, new client of CEFA Aviation!

The renowned Qatari flag carrier Qatar Airways, operating more than 250 aircraft, have signed up with the flight data animation company CEFA Aviation to better analyze its flights.
Taken at 7th Lake in the Adirondacks, Payne's Air Service. Canon Sx740hs. Photo by Tom Ciura.

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Chem Trails Revealed! OK, Cloudseeding

When the tin foil hat crowd sees one of these airplanes, we're sure they're sure it's proof that chem trails are a...

How to Look Less Worse When Tailwheel Flying

In the existential struggle over wheel landings vs. full-stall landings, much ink has been spilled with families torn apart. It’s madness