Bombardier Says Mitsubishi ‘Misappropriated’ Data »

Bombardier Says Mitsubishi ‘Misappropriated’ Data

Bombardier, based in Canada, has sued Mitsubishi Aircraft, of Japan, claiming that some workers recruited from Bombardier by Mitsubishi emailed batches of Bombardier’s proprietary information, before they left, to their new employer. The suit was filed last week in a U.S. federal court in Seattle.


NTSB Calls For 25-Hour CVR Duration »

NTSB Calls For 25-Hour CVR Duration

The current requirement for cockpit voice recorders to store just two hours of data is not enough, the NTSB says in a new safety recommendation report, and 25 hours’ duration should be required. “These recommendations are derived from the NTSB’s experiences with investigations that lacked access to relevant CVR data,” the board said.


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TE Connectivity labels help Airbus technicians focus on airframe manufacture

TE Connectivity is working TE Connectivitywith Airbus to develop a highly customized set of labels for identifying wing components.

APPG on GA launches new Working Group on STEM Jobs and Skills

The All Party Parliamentary Group for General Aviation (APPG-GA) has published the Terms of Reference for its new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Jobs & Skills Working Group. The Terms of Reference were drafted following a consultation process with various stakeholders including manufactures, airlines and independent aviation groups dedicated to improving public engagement with aviation.

The DAES Group and FST sign partnership agreement during the MRO Europe

The DAES Group adds a new thermal spray coating equipment line and FST gains a partnership to enhance its aerospace market penetration