Garmin Updates Pilot App

A seamless transition from tablet to cockpit is the theme of Garmin’s updates to the Pilot app announced today. In particular, the...

F-117A Nighthawk For Sale (Sort Of)

Looking for the ultimate driveway ornament or something special for your local airport’s transient parking apron? Look no further than a decommissioned...

Airshow Harrier For Sale

The world’s only civilian Sea Harriers are up for sale as the current owner, Nalls Aviation, pursues other opportunities. Owner Art Nalls...

Bombardier Focuses On Bizjet Business

Bombardier is selling its train business to French rail giant Alsom and focusing exclusively on its business jet company according to reports...

Managing Risk In Aircraft Certification

Most of my articles for Aviation Safety focus on managing the risk of flying...

Secondhand Safety: Homebuilt Risks for Non-Builder Pilots

There's only one thing wrong with "homebuilt" (Experimental/Amateur-Built) aircraft: They take so gosh-darn long to build. But a lot of people have found the ultimate "quickbuild" alternative: They buy homebuilts that are already flying.

Short Final: ATC Diplomacy

Air Traffic Controllers can be very diplomatic in nudging us toward use of proper...

The DAES Group Announces New Business Partnership at Singapore Airshow 2020

DAES Group, the premier global aerospace solutions provider, has announced a new business partnership with MDS Aero, a leading supplier of turnkey test solutions for engine and engine components.

Aithre Aviation Announces First Wearable Continuous Read-Out Aviation Oximeter, The Illyrian

Aithre Aviation announces immediate availability of the Illyrian. The Illyrian enables pilots to immediately upgrade to a wearable oximeter to monitor pilot and up to 5 additional users' SPO2 and HR.
This glider is a Shempp Hirth Discus flown by Russ Flint, a long time member of the Winnipeg Gliding Club. Photo by Pat Pelletier.

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Kobe Bryant Crash: Risk By The Numbers

Basketball star Kobe Bryant was killed in the crash of a chartered Sikorsky S-76B helicopter on Jan. 26, 2020. This high-profile crash, which killed his daughter Gianna and seven others, is causing a re-examination of how Part 135 helicopters are operated. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli examines the risks.

The Rime of the Ancient Aviator

Are IFR skills forever? The scan might be, but the rest of it will likely need some work. Sometimes, it's all about the app.