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Volume 31, Number 4b, January 23, 2024
Aviation Groups Post Joint MOSAIC Comments
Four major aviation groups have signed on to comments to the FAA that would tweak the Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to expand its benefits to recreational aviation. Monday was the comment deadline and[…]   Read this article
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Southwest Pilots Accept 50 Percent Pay Hike
Southwest pilots have voted overwhelmingly to accept a new five-year contract that will give them a cumulative 50% wage increase over the term. The Associated Press reported that in the first year, they get a 29.15 percent bump followed by[…] Read this article

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Net Jets Adopts Mandatory Retirement At Age 70 For Pilots
NetJets has adopted a mandatory retirement age of 70 for pilots and let go about 100 earlier this month. Business Jet Traveler reported the pilots were terminated Jan. 10. Some of those pilots have launched a lawsuit against NetJets trying[…] Read this article

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Door Plug Inspections Spread To NG900ERs
The FAA has told airlines operating Boeing 737-900ER airliners to check the installation of door plugs as they are the same design as those on the 737 MAX 9. The agency issued a safety alert, which is a recommendation that[…] Read this article

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