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Volume 31, Number 18a, April 29, 2024
Boeing Loses $355 Million In First Quarter
Boeing released its first-quarter results on Wednesday, citing a net loss of $355 million. Although substantial, the numbers were better than analysts had expected—especially in the midst of management shakeups, whistleblower claims and ongoing production delays. The company’s reputation has[…]   Read this article
NATA's Hard Line Complicates Fuel Quest
The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has laid all its cards on the table. We now know why it thinks General Aviation Modifications Inc.’s G100UL unleaded fuel is clearly considered an outlier in the quest for a new drop-in replacement[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots
Featured Video: RC Concorde
RC models keep getting bigger and more complex and this certainly ticks those boxes. Read this article

SiriusXM '$400 Receiver rebate
ForeFlight Introduces Reported Turbulence Map
ForeFlight’s latest release features a Reported Turbulence Map—allowing pilots to see where aircraft are encountering turbulence using information sourced from the company’s Sentry ADS-B receivers. “No one enjoys flying through turbulence, whether you’re piloting a single-engine piston or riding in[…] Read this article

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Sporty’s CEO Michael Wolf Announces Retirement
On Friday, Sporty’s announced the retirement of its CEO, Michael Wolf, effective Jan. 31, 2025. According to Sporty’s, Wolf has been an integral member of the team for more than 50 years, holding the position of chief executive officer since[…] Read this article

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Southwest Makes Operational Adjustments Amid Financial Headwinds
Southwest Airlines announced it would slow hiring and cease operations at four airports as part of cost-cutting measures following a disappointing first-quarter performance. Despite reporting a first-quarter revenue of $6.3 billion, the low-cost carrier incurred a loss of $231 million[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Support For Unleaded Fuel
Most respondents are either already using unleaded fuel or are anxious to start. Read this article

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