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Volume 31, Number 9b, February 27, 2024
Report Raps Boeing Internal Safety Oversight
While Boeing brass brag about the safety culture in the company, frontline employees who implement the safety processes aren’t getting the same message according to a report commissioned by the FAA. The report, done by a panel of experts in[…]   Read this article
Guest Blog: Reclaiming The Narrative To Change The Face Of Aviation
Ed. Note: Mireille Goyer is founder and president of the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide, which has marked the anniversary of the issuance of the first pilot certificate to a woman, Raymonde de Laroche, on March 8, 1910, with[…]   Read this article
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United Expands Training Base
On Thursday, United Airlines celebrated the opening of its new 150,000-square-foot facility at its Flight Training Center in Denver—expanding on what the airline calls the largest training center of its kind.     The new building allows for significant expansion, accommodating an additional 12[…] Read this article

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Flight Training Getting Safer
A new report conducted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Institute and Liberty University School of Aeronautics indicates flight training is getting safer with a near 50% decrease in fatal accidents over the last two decades.  Examining data from[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
Coalition Formed To Tighten Aviation Supply Chain
Aerospace leaders in the United States and Europe have joined forces to establish a coalition aimed at preventing unauthorized parts from entering the global supply chain in an effort to improve its overall integrity. The newly formed group, Aviation Supply[…] Read this article

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