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Volume 31, Number 7e, February 16, 2024
Proposed Colorado Bill Targets General Aviation
Four members of the Colorado General Assembly have cosponsored a bill that would, among other measures, mandate an “impact remediation fee” on leaded aviation fuel purchases, projected to be 50 cents per gallon. In addition, HB24-1235 (the Reduce Aviation Impacts[…]   Read this article
FAA's 46th Annual General Aviation Survey Kicks Off
The FAA announced yesterday (Feb. 14) it has begun work on its annual general aviation survey, the 46th such survey in its history. Data from the research is critical to assessing a wide range of parameters in GA flying activity.[…]   Read this article
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Nearly $1 Billion Allocated For Airport Infrastructure Funding
On Thursday (Feb.15), the White House announced it was allocating nearly $1 billion in federal funds to improve infrastructure for 114 airports across the U.S. According to the FAA, the $970 million comes from the Airport Terminal Program—one of three aviation[…] Read this article

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Beta Technologies Inaugurates The First Aircraft Charger In Mississippi
Beta Technologies announced today (Feb. 15) it has teamed with global FBO network Avflight and Golden Triangle Regional Airport (KGTR) in Columbus, Mississippi, to “inaugurate” the first aircraft charging station in the state. Burlington, Vermont-based Beta flew its fixed-wing prototype[…] Read this article

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Warbird Operators' Conference Addresses Living History Flights
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) reported today (Feb. 15) on last week’s National Warbird Operator Conference (NWOC), held in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The conference, organized by NWOC, included a breakout session on the FAA’s Living History Flight Exemption provision that[…] Read this article

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