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Volume 31, Number 3e, January 19, 2024
New Ownership At Hartzell Raised Prices Within One Month
Shortly after buying Hartzell Aviation, new owner Arcline Investment Management has increased prices for parts across the board, in some cases by more than double. Arcline, a Nashville-based private equity firm, took over Hartzell in mid-November and published a new[…]   Read this article
Contrail-Mapping Could Reduce Harmful Effects By Half
The virtual explosion of applications for using artificial intelligence (AI) could soon include minimizing aircraft condensation trails, the cloud-like results of high-altitude moisture meeting the disruptive churning of jet engines and/or aircraft wake turbulence. “Contrails” (not to be confused with[…]   Read this article
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Archer, Atlantic Sign MOU On eVTOL Infrastructure Initiative
FBO chain Atlantic Aviation has teamed with eVTOL developer Archer Aviation, signing a memorandum of understanding to establish infrastructure for electric aircraft at Atlantic’s locations. The MOU covers four launch markets in the Atlantic network of more than 100 FBOs.[…] Read this article

NBAA Announces Two New Professional Development Programs
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) will host two Professional Development Program (PDP) courses in the coming months. The two courses will be conducted in cooperation with local and regional aviation groups at Western Michigan University in Battle Creek (March[…] Read this article

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EAA 'Virtual Ultralight Days' To Return For 2024
The Experimental Aircraft Association announced today (Jan. 18) its EAA Virtual Ultralight Days will return in 2024 for the third year. A total of 15 webinars over three days (Feb. 20-22) will focus on “the lighter side of aviation,” according[…] Read this article

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