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Van's Files For Chapter 11 Protection
Van’s Aircraft has filed for Chapter 11 protection while it reorganizes with the goal of maintaining existing services and emerging as a solvent company again. In a statement posted late Monday, Van’s tried to assure owners of 10,000 finished aircraft,[…]   Read this article
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YouTuber Jailed For Intentional Crash Stunt
Trevor Jacob, the California pilot and YouTuber who intentionally crashed a Taylorcraft for video views in 2021, will spend six months in a federal prison for the stunt. Jacob took a plea deal in the protracted case and pleaded guilty[…] Read this article

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PIA Flight Attendants Fleeing To Canada
It seems like every airline is having retention problems these days, but Pakistan International Airlines is shedding flight attendants in Toronto. In the past few months at least four flight attendants have failed to show up for the return leg[…] Read this article

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Five Bodies Found In Osprey Wreckage
Navy divers have found a large piece of the V-22 Osprey that went down off Japan Nov. 29. The wreckage, which includes the flight deck, contains the bodies of five of the eight people who were aboard the aircraft. Two[…] Read this article

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Pilots Say Goodbye To Buttonville
As we’ve reported, Buttonville, one of Canada’s largest GA airports, closed last week, destined to become a sea of featureless warehouses on prime real estate next to Toronto. In addition to the practical necessities of scattering the various businesses, a[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments: Dec. 5, 2023
Dangerous Osprey? The V-22 Osprey is the only aircraft that I would refuse to fly on. If a helicopter is a group of parts trying to shake itself apart, these things are worse. How many of these things has to[…] Read this article

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