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Volume 31, Number 17b, April 23, 2024
Swiss Crew Aborts Takeoff For Four Other Planes Crossing JFK Runway
On April 17, the day before a runway incursion at Reagan National Airport in Washington made headlines, a Swiss Air crew aborted their takeoff at JFK because there were four aircraft crossing the runway from which they’d been cleared to[…]   Read this article
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CEO Of The Cockpit: Master Of My Domain
Kermit found me morose. I was sitting in my lounge chair in my home office, staring dolefully at my “I love me” wall. Most general aviation and military pilots have an “I love me” wall or shelf in their homes.[…] Read this article

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SMS Final Rule Issued
The FAA has issued a final rule requiring charter, air tour operators and many manufacturers to develop and maintain safety management systems. The agency said last fall that it would make the requirement, and it sent the final rule to[…] Read this article

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FAA Touts Green Initiatives On Earth Day
The FAA celebrated Earth Day on Monday with a recap of most of the programs it’s involved with to make aviation better for the planet. The Flight to Sustainability is the metaphorical journey the agency has embarked upon to make[…] Read this article

Aviation Advocates Push Back On New York City Laws Targeting Helicopter Operations
Several aviation organizations rallied against proposed New York City laws targeting “non-essential” helicopter operations at city-owned heliports. The New York’s City Council Committee on Economic Development included proposals in its agenda to implement a noise tax on “non-essential” helicopter and[…] Read this article

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