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Volume 31, Number 4c, January 24, 2024
Alaska CEO Says 'Many' Loose Bolts Found In MAX 9 Door Plugs
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minucci told NBC News Tuesday technicians have found “many” loose bolts on door plugs in Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft since the planes were grounded more than two weeks[…]   Read this article
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What To Do About Boeing-And The FAA?
There are plenty of jobs for which I’m unqualified and even more that I know I would hate, but I can’t imagine what the Boeing exec who got this particular assignment thought when it appeared in his or her internal[…] Read this article

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GAMA Raises MOSAIC Safety Concerns
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association says it supports almost everything about the proposed Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) initiative but isn’t convinced the FAA has properly considered the risks of one of its main proposals. In its comments on[…] Read this article

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B-21 Already In Production
The B-21 Raider is already in “low rate production” even though flight testing has just begun. The stealth nuclear strike bomber had its first flight two months ago and the prototype is undergoing testing at Edwards Air Force Base as[…] Read this article

Ten Dead In Jetstream Crash In Northwest Territories (Updated)
Six people died and the sole survivor has severe burns in the crash of a 19-seat BAE Jetstream in northern Canada. The 19-seat BAE Jetstream operated by Northwestern Air Lease went down shortly after takeoff from Fort Smith in the[…] Read this article

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