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Volume 31, Number 2a, January 8, 2024
EASA Adopts MAX 9 AD Even Though No Aircraft Are Affected
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has taken the unusual step of adopting the FAA’s emergency AD on the MAX 9 door plug inspection even though none of its carriers have any of the affected aircraft. The FAA’s AD was[…]   Read this article
Another Close One: How Long Can Luck Last?
The number of cable TV experts on speed dial to add virtually nothing to our furtherance of understanding about what happened in Oregon on Friday afternoon is almost as staggering as the event itself. The need to get someone to[…]   Read this article
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NTSB Enlists Local Residents To Help Find MAX 9 Door Plug
The hunt is on for the piece of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 airliner that separated from the aircraft Friday as it flew over a rural area of Oregon. At a news conference in Portland Saturday evening, NTSB[…] Read this article

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AVweb Rewind: King Air Autothrottle
Last week we wrote about the certification of Garmin’s Autothrottle/Autoland feature in the King Air. Aviation Consumer Editor-in-Chief Larry Anglisano flew the setup and filed this video report. Read this article

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New Regs Cut Hawaii Volcano Flights 80 Percent
Flights over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will be cut some 80% under new rules outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration and National Park Service Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP), which was finalized on Dec. 20.  The new regulations limit flights[…] Read this article

FO Says Shooting Threat Was A Joke
Jonathan J. Dunn, a former Delta Air Lines first officer who allegedly threatened to shoot his captain after suggesting to divert for a passenger’s medical emergency, called the incident a “misunderstanding” and joke, as reported by the Associated Press (AP).  According to the news[…] Read this article

Poll: Did MAX 9 Incident Shake Your Faith In Boeing?
Boeing has had a rough last five years and the incident in Oregon last week seemingly came out of left field. Are there fundamental problems at Boeing? Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Airlines Have Some Sympathy (Corrected)
Last week we asked whether airlines should get airspace priority and a thin majority of AVweb readers disagreed with that premise. Read this article

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