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Volume 31, Number 4e, January 26, 2024
Boeing 737 MAX 9 Return-To-Service Inspections Approved
The FAA has approved a pathway for Boeing MAX 9s to return to service. The inspection process is expected to take 12 to 24 hours and both Alaska Airlines and United have announced their MAX 9s will begin returning to[…]   Read this article
NASA's Ingenuity Mars Copter Ends A Remarkable Run
All things wild and wonderful must come to an end. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter suffered a “hard landing” on January 18’s 72nd flight, damaging one or more rotor blades, rendering it no longer capable of flight. The aircraft remains upright[…]   Read this article
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Super Bowl Sunday Means Special Flight Rules For Las Vegas
If you’ve got your tickets lined up for the Big Game—or maybe if you’re just planning to visit Sin City for some leisurely slot play next weekend—the FAA has some sage advice on flying anywhere near Las Vegas between Feb.[…] Read this article

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