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Volume 31, Number 14b, April 2, 2024
Mental Health Committee Says Pilots Shouldn't Have To Report 'Talk Therapy' Sessions
An expert committee struck by the FAA on pilot mental health is recommending that pilots be allowed to get “talk therapy” from mental health professionals without having to disclose it in their flight medical. The Aviation Medical Clearances Rulemaking Committee[…]   Read this article
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Enforcement Action Against Wing Walking Business Goes Over The Top
One of the hazards of this job is inadvertently becoming a poser. It’s easy to appear more knowledgeable about topics on which you have no direct experience so the golden rule is to attribute every fact to a credible source.[…] Read this article

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RCAF Celebrates 100 Years
The Royal Canadian Air Force marked its 100th anniversary on April 1, making it one of the oldest stand-alone forces in the world. Like most militaries, the Canadian Army and Navy both flirted with using aircraft in the early 1900s,[…] Read this article

Controllers Credited With Hypoxia Save
The FAA is crediting the quick thinking of two Boston Center controllers with preventing a pilot from being disabled by hypoxia. Rosilla Owen and Scott Elms were working the Stewart Sector west of Boston when New York handed off a[…] Read this article

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NTSB Warns Pilots Of Dust Devil Dangers
This week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a safety alert warning pilots of the dangers posed by dust devils. According to the agency, dust devils have been present in some 170 aviation accidents the NTSB has investigated since[…] Read this article

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