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Volume 31, Number 3a, January 15, 2024
GAMA Says It Supports Four-Place Aircraft In MOSAIC
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association says it will support the expansion of Light Sport pilot privileges to include four-seat aircraft and will also endorse an increase in “the size, performance and scope” of the aircraft covered by the Modernization of[…]   Read this article
Eleventh-Hour Cracks In MOSAIC?
One of the big challenges of this job is the absolute necessity of becoming an instant expert on whatever subject is in front of one at the moment. Missteps are inevitable, especially when the subject is complex, but like everyone[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots
Video Of The Week: Pilot Shortage In Prime Time
United Airlines took to the airwaves with a one-minute recruiting commercial for its Aviate flight school during the Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys game Sunday. Read this article

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WestJet Cancels Flights Due To Extreme Cold
WestJet, Canada’s second-largest airline says it had to cancel more than 200 flights because it was too cold to de-ice aircraft. On Saturday, wind chill temperatures went as low as -90 degrees F at Edmonton International Airport, one of about[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
NASA, Lockheed Martin Unveil Finished X-59
On Friday, NASA and Lockheed Martin displayed the X-59 QueSST (Quiet SuperSonic Technology), the agency’s latest X aircraft designed to break the sound barrier without generating a sonic boom. The aircraft was shown off at a ceremony hosted by Lockheed Martin Skunk[…] Read this article

Airbus Eclipsed Boeing In Deliveries, Orders
On Thursday, Airbus announced it secured 2,094 aircraft orders in 2023—a record-breaking year for the European aircraft manufacturer. According to a company press release, 735 commercial aircraft were delivered globally last year, an 11% increase from 2022. Additionally, its current order backlog[…] Read this article

FLYING Journalist Fred George To Be Inducted Into Living Legends Of Aviation
One of aviation journalism’s most respected voices, our sister publication FLYING Magazine’s Fred George, will literally join aviation royalty when he’s inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation on Jan. 19. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is also among the inductees as[…] Read this article

BA Pilot Kidnapped, Tortured, Robbed In South Africa
During a layover in Johannesburg, a British Airways pilot was abducted, assaulted and robbed by thieves, according to The Sun.   The first officer was apparently the victim of a scam when a woman asked him to help carry her bags[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Concerns Over Boeing
Most respondents are worried about Boeing, but almost as many are showing some faith in the U.S.’s biggest corporation. Read this article

Poll: Will You Be Commenting On The MOSAIC NPRM?
The deadline for comments is Jan. 22, and many in aviation believe it’s an important milestone in the future of general aviation. Read this article

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