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Volume 30, Number 49d, December 7, 2023
Successful Remote-Piloted Flight For Cessna Caravan
California-based Reliable Robotics announced today (Dec. 6) it has completed an FAA-sanctioned uncrewed flight of a Cessna 208B Caravan at Hollister Airport (KCVH) just south of San Jose, with a remote pilot in control from the company headquarters in Mountain[…]   Read this article
Airshow To Replace Racing This Fall At Reno
The National Air Races may have left Reno Stead Airport, but that doesn’t mean the skies will be entirely quiet next fall. An announcement on the Reno Air Racing Association Facebook page trumpets a “BIG SHOW” to run Oct. 4-6,[…]   Read this article
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Van's Owes More Than $10 Million To More Than 25,000 Creditors
Van’s Aircraft owes a lot of creditors relatively modest amounts of money, according to legal filings relating to the case. In its bankruptcy petition, the company says it owes from $10 to $50 million, but the top 20 creditors listed[…] Read this article

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EcoPulse Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Makes First Flight Of Test Program
The EcoPulse, a modified Daher TBM hybrid-electric distributed-propulsion aircraft demonstrator, performed its first test flight on Nov. 29. As part of the 100-minute sortie, the aircraft activated its ePropellers, which are powered by a battery and a turbogenerator. The EcoPulse[…] Read this article

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New AI-Based Software Tool Can Provide Lower-Cost Bizjet Travel
If you or someone you know is looking for bargain deals on private jet travel, a new digital platform from Vancouver, Washington-based KinectAir could be just the ticket. KinectAir’s “empty leg marketplace” uses an extensive software database and artificial intelligence[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Do Over
I was making a late‐night approach to Des Moines International Airport. Me: “Des Moines approach, Baron 12KA, 15 east at 3000.” Tower: “12KA turn left heading 180, descend then right to land on 23.” Me: “Roger, 12KA.” I was on[…] Read this article

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