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Volume 31, Number 5d, February 1, 2024
Multiple Aircraft Report Mysterious Lights In Canadian Skies
Multiple aircraft told air traffic controllers they were seeing unexplained lights in the skies north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Jan. 19. Pilots of several aircraft separately described the lights as numbering three to six, flying at high speed, in[…]   Read this article
Dynon Pledges Support For RV Builders With Avionics Discounts
Avionics manufacturer Dynon has posted an open letter on its website to RV builders expressing more than just moral support in the face of Vans Aircraft’s financial difficulties. Dynon is offering a special discount to RV builders with deposits on[…]   Read this article
Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Filters 2.0
Laser Infractions Ramped Up Significantly In 2023
Despite what the FAA describes as a “vigilant campaign to heighten awareness of the serious safety risks,” laser strikes on aircraft increased markedly last year after a slight decline for the previous year. According to an FAA press release today[…] Read this article

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Garmin Announces Two New Slimline Panel Radios
Garmin announced today (Jan. 31) it has introduced a pair of “affordable” slim line comm and nav/comm radios. The GTR 205 comm-only (list price $2,695) and the GNC 215 nav/comm ($5,295) take up 1.3 inches of bezel height form factor[…] Read this article

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Rotor Technologies Hosts First Public 'Uncrewed' Flight
The first public uncrewed flight of Rotor’s R220Y helicopter took place yesterday (Jan. 30) at Nashua (New Hampshire) Airport (KASH). Rotor’s prototype aircraft fly with Cloudpilot, which the manufacturer describes as technology for autonomous flight using satellite and wireless connectivity.[…] Read this article

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