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Volume 31, Number 5c, January 31, 2024
Canadian Ultralight Community Protests Proposed Rule Change
The Canadian ultralight community is protesting regulatory changes they say will prohibit pilots from flying aircraft some of them have owned and flown for decades. Transport Canada has issued a Notice of Proposed Amendment that Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Upgrade Time!
Mark Baker Stepping Down As AOPA President
AOPA President Mark Baker told staff today that he will be leaving his post when a suitable replacement has been found. Baker, who joined the organization more than 10 years ago, said in an internal email to staff obtained by[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Databases
Kitplanes 'Take-off into the world of homebuilt aircraft
Regulators Address GPS Spoofing
The acting executive director of the European Aviation Safety Agency says aviation regulators need to be involved in the design of satellite navigation systems to counter the growing problem of GPS spoofing. But Luc Tytgat told a forum on the[…] Read this article

Women Account For 12 Percent Of New Canadian Pilots
A total of 12% of new pilot licenses issued in Canada in 2023 went to women, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide (IWOAW). The Montreal-based organization said 13% of new recreational-oriented licenses, 12.3%[…] Read this article

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