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Volume 31, Number 16d, April 18, 2024
Van's Confident Of Bright Future
The bankruptcy consultant helping Van’s Aircraft says he’s confident the company will emerge from Chapter 11 and resume profitability. Clyde Hamstreet, of Hamstreet and Associates, said in a video update hosted by Van’s that almost 85% of customers with deposits[…]   Read this article
Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Filters 2.0
Boom Authorized To Boom
For the first time in its history, the FAA has issued a special flight authorization to allow Boom Supersonic to break the sound barrier. The approval will allow the Colorado startup to fly its XB-1 demonstrator aircraft faster than Mach[…] Read this article

David Clark ' Better than Bose
uAvionix Gets FAA Airport Surface Situational Awareness Contract
uAvionix has won a contract to supply ADS-B-based systems to provide tower controllers with real-time positions of aircraft on airport taxiways, ramps and runways. The FlightLine system was picked as a cost-effective solution to boost situational awareness of surface movements[…] Read this article

AEA 'Request your free Pilot's Guide
Two-Week ATC Application Window Opens Friday
The FAA has launched a barrage of social media posts aimed at gathering applicants for its next intake of air traffic controller trainees. The next application period begins Friday and lasts until May 8. The agency is short about 3,000[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Mirage Alert
I was inbound for landing at Reid‐Hillview airport and had a traffic alert off to my left, 300 feet higher and faster. About a minute after the traffic alert the tower told me I had traffic above and to the[…] Read this article

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