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Volume 31, Number 21b, May 21, 2024
VP Racing Responds To Fuel Suitability Comments
VP Aviation is discounting discussion on forums and comments that its proposed unleaded fuel won’t be suitable for big displacement engines, particularly radials. VP Aviation’s fuel, which is being developed in partnership with Lyondell/Basell, is the last one going through[…]   Read this article
SiriusXM '$400 Receiver rebate
Talk Like A Pirate Pilot
Aviation is the Caribbean of the 1700s, and you are fish bait. Savvy? Our local flying club was having its yearly “Talk Like a Pilot Day” cookout at their hangar, and I was invited to give the keynote address. I[…] Read this article

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Boeing Shareholders Vote To Pay Calhoun $33 Million
The BBC is reporting Boeing shareholders have voted to give outgoing President Dave Calhoun a 2023 pay package worth a total of about $33 million. The vote, which was taken at the company’s annual meeting, is not binding. The shareholders[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
Featured Video: A Tribute To Bud Anderson
EAA put together this nice tribute to Brig. Gen. Bud Anderson and his favorite mount during the 2019 AirVenture. Read this article

Recreational Aviation Foundation Issues Call To Preserve Utah Airstrips
The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) issued a call to action requesting pilots submit feedback on a proposal from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding the closure of 16 airstrips in Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument (BENM). According to the[…] Read this article

Spirit AeroSystems To Cut Workforce Amid Production Slowdown
Spirit AeroSystems is expected to lay off some 400-450 workers at its Wichita, Kansas, facility following a decrease in production rates at Boeing, the company’s largest customer.   The news was initially reported by Wichita-based KSN, which obtained an internal[…] Read this article

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