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Volume 30, Number 48c, November 29, 2023
Breakthrough Reported In FAA Reauthorization Impasse
Republican Sen. John Thune told Reuters on Tuesday there’s been a breakthrough that may allow the FAA Reauthorization Bill to be taken up by the Senate. The House passed its version of the bill in the summer but there’s been[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Gliding To Corsica
It’s been dream of Swiss glider pilot Yves Gerster to fly his motorglider from the Italian Alps to the island of Corsica and back without fossil fuel help (except for takeoff and initial climb). See how he did in this[…] Read this article

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FAA Approves Inspection Drone Swarms
It would appear drone swarms have come to civil aviation with the FAA’s granting of a waiver to an Israeli company. According to DroneDJ, the FAA is allowing Percepto to fly up to 30 drones under the control of a[…] Read this article

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Air Travel Record Set Sunday
The TSA says Sunday was the busiest day on record for air travel in the U.S. TSA head David Pekoske said screeners put more than 2.9 million passengers through checkpoints at the nation’s airport as he headed for more than[…] Read this article

Virgin Completes 100 Percent SAF Flight
A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 became the first airliner to cross the Atlantic using 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on Tuesday, but it will make the return flight on Jet A. The Dreamliner touched down at JFK after an[…] Read this article

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