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Garmin Announces New Weather Radar »

Garmin introduced a new Doppler-based, solid-state aviation weather radar on Wednesday. According to the company, the GWX 75 is intended for use in a wide range of aircraft and was designed as a direct replacement for the GWX 70. More

UPDATED: Four Killed in Everglades Midair »

Four people are dead after a midair collision between a Piper PA-34 and a Cessna 172 over the Florida Everglades around 1 p.m. local time on Tuesday. It has been reported that both aircraft were operated by Dean International flight school and were likely on training flights when the collision occurred. More

Airlander Cabin Designed For Adventure »

The team at Hybrid Air Vehicles, which is building the huge Airlander airship, has promoted a number of uses for their vehicle, from cargo delivery to military airlift; but this week at the Farnborough Airshow, the company unveiled a cabin designed for luxury travel. More

Delta Expands Pilot Pipeline »

With an expectation to hire 8,000 pilots over the next 10 years, Delta this week announced it has developed new career-path options to help ensure it has plenty of applicants for those jobs. The program comprises a college path, a company path and a community outreach effort to identify and support aspiring pilots in kindergarten through high school. More

Terrafugia Updates Transition »

Flying car company Terrafugia has announced that its Transition will be getting some new features and upgrades prior to the scheduled arrival of the first production vehicles next year. The updates involve some significant alterations, including the addition of a hybrid-electric motor for use when the roadable aircraft is in drive mode. More

At Farnborough: Aston Martin VTOL, GE Open Cockpit »

Aston Martin unveiled a luxury VTOL concept this week at the Farnborough International Air Show in Great Britain. The Volante Vision is designed to seat three adults and to be completely autonomous, powered by a hybrid-electric engine. More

Chinook Crew Completes Dramatic Rescue »

The crew of a CH-47F Chinook helicopter used an unusual maneuver—sitting the tail of their aircraft on the mountain for several minutes, while still flying, with the nose in the air—to successfully rescue a Texas man from the slope of Mount Hood, in Oregon, last week. More

Rolls-Royce Reveals Hybrid VTOL »

At the Farnborough International Air Show, which opened Monday in Great Britain, Rolls-Royce revealed a hybrid VTOL concept that could carry four to five passengers at speeds up to 217 knots with a range up to 435 NM. The design should be flying by the “early 2020s,” the company said in a news release. More

Doc Cleared For Passenger Flights »

The FAA has cleared Doc, one of two flying B-29s, for passenger flights and they’ll start at the Heavy Bomber Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, on July 20. Doc will be at AirVenture 2018 but so far no ride program has been announced. More

Ryanair Passengers Hospitalized In Emergency Descent »

At least 33 passengers on a Ryanair flight to Croatia were treated in hospitals for bleeding ears, mouths and noses when the packed Boeing 737-800 was put into an emergency descent for a pressurization problem. More