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Three Dead In Air Ambulance Accident »

A Cessna 441 crashed near Bismarck, North Dakota, late Sunday night, killing all three people on board. The aircraft, which was owned by Bismarck Air Medical and used as an air ambulance, was enroute from Bismarck to Williston, North Dakota, to pick up a patient. More

Boeing Schedules, Cancels Call On Max 8 »

Boeing officials scheduled a conference call Tuesday morning with operators to address their questions about the flight-control system on the 737 Max 8, and whether the manuals provided enough information to operate the aircraft safely, but the call was later cancelled. More

NASA Announces Flight Date For Supersonic X-Plane »

NASA now has an official development timeline for its Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) X-plane that, according to the administration, will lead to the X-59’s first flight in the next three years. NASA committed to the timeline after a Key Decision Point-C (KDP-C) review confirming funding and achievability of the project. More

Leaked Images Show Superfast Russian Helicopter »

Helicopters are ideal for lots of useful tasks, but speed over the ground has never been their strong suit, with a world speed record of only about 220 knots. That could change if a new Russian design in development lives up to its promise — an official at a technical conference last month revealed plans for a twin-engine, two-rotor design that could go as fast as 378 knots. More

GAMA: All Aircraft Shipments Are Up »

In its third-quarter shipment report, GAMA has found the overall delivery of airplanes and rotorcraft increased in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period in 2017. Piston airplane deliveries increased by 8.3 percent, to 784 units, compared to the same period last year. More

JETcopter Reveals VTOL Concept »

JETcopter, a startup company based in Germany, said this week it has completed tests that confirmed the feasibility of its concept to power its seven-seat VTOL design with two 400-HP automotive engines that will drive two counter-rotating fans on top of the carbon-fiber fuselage. More

Goulian Third Overall On Red Bull Season »

A couple of third-place victories were recorded by U.S. pilots in the season finale of the Red Bull Air Race series Sunday in Fort Worth. More

Shuttle Runway May See Private Spacecraft »

The massive runway at the Kennedy Space Center that was the primary landing site for the Space Shuttle could again be used for privately operated space missions. More

'Chicken Strip' To Be Legalized »

Possibly the country’s only “clothing optional” airstrip is about to be officially recognized by the National Parks Service (NPS), and the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is urging members to let the NPS know they support the initiative. More

'Pecos Bill' Owner, Vet Killed In P-51 Crash »

A well-known Texas pilot who gave numerous rides to veterans in his P-51 “Pecos Bill” was killed along with a passenger when the warbird crashed into an apartment building parking lot in Fredericksburg, Texas, on Saturday. More