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Twin Mustang Might Make AirVenture »

One of the most unusual and intriguing aircraft to fly for the Air Force might make an appearance at AirVenture 2018. Aircraft restorer Tom Reilly says he’s close to flying his XP-82, the so-called Twin Mustang that was built as a long-range bomber escort at the end of the war. More

Astronaut Artist Alan Bean Dies »

Alan Bean, an Apollo astronaut who was the fourth man to walk on the moon, died Saturday at the age of 86 in a Houston hospital. More

Textron Shifts Focus On Cessna Pilot Centers »

Textron is in the process of restructuring its Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) network, including cutting back on the number of CPCs and putting more focus on its Cessna Flight Training System digital interactive flight-training curriculum. More

Industry Round-up: May 25, 2018 »

This week, announcements have come in about special Aircraft Spruce Oshkosh deliveries, a new quick drain oil valve from Curtis Superior Valve Co., approval for expanded facilities for All In Aviation and Lone Mountain Aviation at Henderson Executive Airport, and an opportunity for aeronautical developers at Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport. More

Top Letters and Comments: May 25, 2018 »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about CFI and pilot shortages, whether supersonic flight should be allowed over the continental U.S., and how best to carry survival gear in an airplane. More

ERAU Student Killed In Cessna 140 Crash »

Embry-Riddle-Daytona student Nandish Patel, 22, was killed in the crash of a Cessna 140 at Spruce Creek Fly-In private airport (7FL6) in Port Orange, Florida, on Tuesday evening. Also on board the aircraft was Chase Zinn, 23, a May 2017 Riddle graduate and flight instructor at the school. Zinn was transported to the hospital and remains in critical condition. More

Diamond Flies New Aerobatic Trainer »

The Diamond DART-550 aerobatic trainer has successfully completed its first flight, the company announced on Thursday. The flight consisted of a short-field takeoff demonstration, several low approaches, system checks and landing gear operation. More

Leesburg To Resume Remote Tower Testing »

Virginia’s Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) will once again be testing its remote air traffic control system this summer. The remote tower, which is staffed by off-site controllers using an array of on-airport cameras and microphones, is scheduled to begin operations on June 25. More

No Help For EU Pilot Shortage »

As in the U.S., a looming pilot shortage in Europe is on the horizon, but little is being done to fix it, according to a research paper published by AeroProfessional, an international aviation recruiting and placement firm. Europe will need to recruit and train about 95,000 pilots during the next 16 years to keep up with demand, according to Boeing's outlook. But AeroProfessional says pilots prefer to work outside of Europe and demand from Asia, Africa and the Middle East is siphoning off pilots. More

Workhorse Seeks FAA Approval For SureFly VTOL Hybrid »

Electric delivery vehicle company Workhorse, which recently began untethered flight testing of its hybrid-powered SureFly VTOL, is seeking full FAA type approval for the aircraft, Workhorse CEO Steve Burns told AVweb in an exclusive podcast. Although it has not yet been determined which category the aircraft will fall under for the purpose of FAA approval, Burns is hoping for certification in 2020. More