Poll: I’m Going to AirVenture 2021 if…


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  1. Going–IF they have it–and I don’t believe the odds are that they will. You did a good job on the Pelton interview–EAA has some heavy lifting to do if this is to be. Pelton listed some of the BIG problems–they have to make the decision by early May–can’t put people in the exhibit buildings–don’t think most exhibitors will accept leaving their exhibits in outside tents. Exhibitors will also have to make their commitment by early May–as will airshow providers. Pelton mentioned perhaps having to limit the number of people on the grounds–given that this is an INTERNATIONAL stage–where people travel thousands of miles–people would have to commit far in advance–you can’t just “show up.”

    Many things NOT mentioned–there will need to get people questioned and tested–or vaccinated prior to entry. I don’t believe that enough people can be vaccinated before May (or July)–assuming a Jan. 1 start date, it takes 4-6 weeks for the second shot–then see if it works. Pelton mentioned “reducing congestion”–they will need more gates to question, temp check, and check vaccinations for entry. NOT mentioned–under “reducing congestion”–can they run the bus system? If not–hard for people to get around–and no way to get to the Museum, Antique Airfield, Seaplane Base, and Kidventure. How about the trams? Yes, they are open, but densely packed–without the trams, it is difficult for people to move up and down a 2 mile flight line. How about food providers?

    Much as I would like to believe otherwise, I don’t believe Oshkosh–as we’ve come to know it–is viable this year. If it is to be–it would have to be scaled back to airplane PARTICIPANTS–not “voyeurs” looking for an airshow. Let it be a social event–perhaps limiting it to EAA MEMBERS and families. Go back to the roots–let “type clubs” socialize and share information. Do the seminars in the pavillions. Pare back “exhibitors” to what is essential–no more “vibrating chairs.” Encourage camping on the grounds.

    I believe for at least one year that EAA needs to “push participation DOWN to the Chapter level”–and that isn’t all bad–Chapters can use more support–and it’s a way we can all participate. We all would benefit with more regional fly-ins and promotions. For aviators, going to Flight Breakfast is NOT about breakfast–and going to Oshkosh is NOT about an airshow–and it’s not even necessarily about airplanes–It’s a way to connect with our aviation friends.

  2. As a 30+year attendee and 25-year volunteer, I was glad to hear Jack say that one of the first things he would do is consult with the volunteer management teams. No volunteers, no show.

    Volunteers have no choice but to get up-close-and-personal with the hoi-polloi, so I can’t imagine any of us considering that unless we have been fully vaccinated. Many of us are health-care professionals and may not be available to attend, even with inoculation. Given the likelihood of vaccine delays and shortages, a significant portion of the volunteer corp won’t be inoculated in time to make plans to attend. I think it’s very unlikely that AV21 will happen in any form.