Poll: Would You Fly on an Airline That Requires Covid Vaccination?


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  1. The 28% who think airlines asking you to having a vaccination before flying with them are fools who are making this pandemic worse (and any others)
    Vaccination keeps you safe, and, crucially stops the spread of the target disease.
    Smallpox & polio are 2 recent examples of diseases permanently removed as a result of WIDESPREAD vaccination
    72% vaccination rate won’t suppress this disease, so refusal will kill many others

  2. The vaccine will only work if our immune systems are up to the task and everyone on the planet takes it.

    Our new non prescription medication works better because there are no side effects and it is for home use. I’ve been using it for 15 years now to stop ALL the Corona viruses.

    • I like your approach Don. I too have a non prescription solution that stops all viruses that do not serve my body and enhance my immune system. That does not support the bottom line of the pharma corporations, so it is being suppressed as much as they can. The truth shall prevail.

      • Good to know. Viruses are actually very easy to kill. Our treatment is now being tested in 4 other countries with good results. If everyone had a small amount in their medicine cabinets and used it when doing something high risk or has any symptoms – the virus could be stopped dead in its track. There is no reason another person has to die.

        Whether a vaccine works or not, makes no difference if half the population will not take it! No matter how much money they throw at Covid-19, they can’t even slow it down.

  3. I have a problem with corporate decisions based on the relationship between the bottom line and CYA dictating optionless compliance regarding my own self-care.

    • How do you feel about corporate decisions based on sound medical science and evidence, which provide a structure for us each to act with compassion to protect each other?

  4. There’s some flawed logic here. If the Pfizer vaccine works as advertised and you take it you should be safe from the virus. Then it shouldn’t matter if the rest of us take it or not because the vaccination will keep you from contracting the disease. If the vaccination doesn’t keep you from contracting the disease then it’s simply not worth the risk.

    • Yes, there is some flawed logic, but I’m sorry to say I think some of it is yours. First, re-read what Pfizer advertises about their vaccine. They are claiming 95% effectiveness, not 100% (source: https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-conclude-phase-3-study-covid-19-vaccine , 18 Nov 2020). I’m no epidemiologist, but I think that means if 100 of us get the Pfizer vaccine, it is advertised that most of us will be safe, but some of us will not be. And, it is a flaw in the logic to think of this only from your own point of view. Vaccines are partly about you selfishly protecting you from me, but they are also partly about you altruistically protecting me from you, and me protecting you. If we all take vaccines, fewer of us will be sick, and the disease will have fewer launching points to infect the next person. And some of us will not be able to take vaccines, for legitimate medical or other reasons. The rest of us take vaccines in part to protect those who cannot take the vaccines. The right question is not, what’s in it for me? The right question is, how can we act with kindness, compassion, evidence, and logic to take care of each other?

    • Right on Will, I am with you. The Pfizer Vaccine is a totally new vaccine that is intended to change your DNA to produce Cells that will eradicate the Spike-Proteins that are at the tips of the Virus. The only thing that they do not advertise is that similar Spike-Proteins are already in the body and are essential in the reproduction of the human species. So this may at the same time be a vaccination that makes woman unfertile. Then on the other hand there have only been tests on the short term effects and those are already horrifying to me. So I will opt out for sure on this vaccination and any other vaccination. I rather build up my immune system that we are provided by God.