Picture of the Week Rules

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Welcome to AVweb‘s Picture of the Week (POTW) Contest!

Each week, AVweb will publish new images submitted by our readers for that week’s Picture of the Week Contest. Each image will be judged by AVweb‘s staff for its aviation content and originality. The reader who submits the winning image will be published in our AVwebFlash newsletter and here on the POTW Contest page.

Some Basic Rules:

  1. Images may only be submitted by the original photographer.  Copyrighted images will be considered if submitted by the copyright holder, subject to rule #2 below.
  2. AVweb will hold non-exclusive rights publish the image at its discretion, as part of the current POTW contest, or in the future. The owner of the image will retain all other rights.
  3. All images considered for AVweb‘s POTW Contest must be submitted via the Picture of the Week Contest page. No submissions sent to AVweb via email will be acknowledged or considered.
  4. Any submitted image lacking an aviation theme will not be considered.
  5. Each image submitted must be in either .GIF or .JPG format.
  6. Each week’s POTW Contest winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of AVweb‘s editors. Judging for each week’s contest is on the Sunday prior to the publication of the winners. Entries received after judging begins will be entered in the following week’s contest.
  7. AVweb may, at our discretion, edit, resample or crop any image prior to publishing.

Some Basic Tips:

  1. Originality is key. (We’ve already seen too many copies of the image showing two airline pilots looking back at the camera while a Beech Baron filled their windshield, the hovering Apache behind the tree or the F-14 pulling a waterskier…) Send us images of your airplane, something humorous, whatever. The sky’s the limit!
  2. Enter as often as you like. (We have plenty of disk space…)
  3. Questions concerning AVweb‘s POTW Contest may be submitted via email to Picture of the Week. Please be patient when waiting for a response.

    NOTE: This email address is for questions only. Please do not email your contest submissions — they must be submitted via the POTW Upload Page.

Enough of the fine print. To upload an image to be considered for AVweb‘s POTW Contest, proceed to the POTW Upload Page.

Good luck!