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AVweb.com is the mother ship for all AVweb news products, running 24 x 7 x 365.

AVweb.com is the repository for all AVwebBiz and AVwebFlash newsletters, blogs, video features, and much, much more.

Pilots who visit AVweb.com can access the latest news, technique and safety articles, product news, aircraft and product demo videos, editorial blogs, advertorials, and training videos — and plan their next flight with our new flight bag products.

New flight bag widgets — including flight planning, a fuel finder, live radar/weather maps, and SocialFlight event listings — add to the news content AVweb users want.

Ad Frequency & Format Options

Advertisers can choose from standard graphic and text ad packages that will reach AVwebFlash subscribers twice monthly or four, six, eight, or ten times monthly.

  • Sponsor announcments include a 120×120-pixel inline image (non-animated) plus 75 words of ad copy and a link to your web site, video, or landing page.
  • Or you can choose the 300×250-pixel big box ad format with full image area edge-to-edge. This format is encouraged for video launchers or ads with large graphics and smaller emphasis on text.
  • You can also choose from among several custom premium advertising formats, including:
    • 728×90 leaderboards at the top and/or bottom
    • 300×600 skycrapers
    • video advertorial flights
    • … and other combinations that make AVweb advertising the most flexible available in GA publishing
  • We include our standard 125×125-pixel web site banners at no charge for Flash advertisers. Rotating banner counts range from 35,000 impressions per month to 150,000.
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