FAA On The CFI Practical As BFR


A new direct to final rule issued Sept. 16 by the FAA introduces a subtle but substantive change for CFI candidates, and according to NAFI chairman of the board Robert Meder, “This is a good thing.” The new rule considers practical tests flown for the issuance of a flight instructor certificate, or renewal of a flight instructor certificate, or the addition of a rating to a flight instructor certificate, or reinstatement of the certificate, as meeting 24-calendar month flight review (BFR) requirements. Without specific conditions, they previously did not. The rule goes into effect Nov. 15, and until then, practical test rides for flight instructor candidates will continue to be treated as different from other ratings. It will not automatically satisfy the requirements of the BFR. AVweb spoke with Meder Thursday, and he was optimistic about the change.

“This alleviates confusion for flight instructor candidates who, until Nov. 15, must still specifically ask that the examiner or inspector also log the ride as a BFR … something the examiner or inspector could, though perhaps rarely would, deny,” says Meder. “This brings the CFI practical into conformity with other practical test rides, and should make life simpler.” Again, until Nov. 15, certified flight instructor candidates must ask the inspector or examiner to also provide an endorsement for a flight review upon completion of the practical test. The FAA is accepting comments through Oct.15, 2013. And if the agency receives an adverse comment it may withdraw the rule in whole or in part. For more information, click here.