Probable Cause #66: If I Had A Hammer

Not all airplanes are created equal. You need to think about whether yours is appropriate for the mission.

Probable Cause #65: Bad Conditions, Poor Planning

It's hard to imagine an instrument-rated pilot flying into a Midwestern winter without checking the destination weather.

Probable Cause #64: Healthy Respect

Although you might not tell the FAA about it, are you absolutely certain you're healthy enough for this flight?

Probable Cause #63: Stick To The Procedure

Instrument currency is more than simply controlling the aircraft in the clouds. Currency also means making the right decisions when weather goes sour.

Probable Cause #62: Lucky, Or Good?

You might be good enough to bend rules, but it could just be luck. What happens when the luck runs out?

Probable Cause #61: Illegal IFR Flight

The time and effort spent earning an instrument rating offers a pilot more than just added flexibility. It could save your life.

Probable Cause #60: Proficient Currency

You might be current under the FARs, but are you proficient?

Probable Cause #59: Failure To Identify

An engine failure in the clouds becomes even more challenging if the pilot misdiagnoses the problem.

Probable Cause #58: Known Deficiencies

Pilots sometimes decide to live with some chronic mechanical problems. This time, it wasn't a good idea.

Probable Cause #57: Out Of Control

Was a sudden physical or mechanical problem -- or some of both -- what led to this King Air pilot losing control of the aircraft?

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