Cirrus ‘the-jet’ Image Emerges


Cirrus continues to have fun teasing customers and everyone else with parsimonious details on its new jet. Although there aren’t many configurations possible for a single-engine jet, Cirrus has managed to whip up a fair amount of interest in what the final product will look like. The 140-plus position holders have been receiving jigsaw puzzle pieces in the mail and we can now see a few details. “We can confirm it has a windshield and wings,” smirked CEO Alan Klapmeier. The mystery will end for position holders on June 27 at a private viewing, and the public will get a look at a mock-up on June 28.

Klapmeier said he’s happy with the progress of the jet project, but declined to offer details on the price and timing of the airplane. But he said the jet will be aimed at ordinary pilots looking for a good transportation solution and even to people who haven’t yet considered flying. “Clearly, the jet will be the kind of airplane that non-pilots will aspire to,” he said.