King Schools, New Advanced Releases


Flight training syllabi for the Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Instrument Instructor Refresher, Crew Resource Management, and Part 135 Initial and Recurrent online training courses are the among new courses announced this week by King Schools. The company says its Part 135 training courses are crafted to fit smoothly into operators’ own pre-existing training packages. And its syllabus programs are designed to sharpen the learning curve by clearly defining common goals shared by both instructor and student. Together the new products push the company toward a new landmark for products created.

John and Martha King have now released 94 aviation training courses developed over 37 years. Inching toward the century mark, the catalog already includes 26 courses that target the professional/turbine pilot. The rest run the full range from student to Airline Transport Pilot. And the content is not frozen. “We continuously monitor and improve our courses based on the feedback we receive,” says John King. The Kings’ 37 years of experience creating training products is part of the new syllabi packages. According to Martha King, the benefits of a syllabus approach “will increase customer satisfaction while helping students excel at each task.” Like many King products, it is also intended to improve learning efficiency, thereby reducing training hours required and saving students money.