Top Letters And Comments, June 19, 2020


Did You Do That Safety Wiring?

Several years ago when I bought my airplane, my then mechanic told me that if I was going to do any work on the plane I needed to get a pair of safety wire pliers. So, when the Snap-On tool guy came around the mechanic led me to his van and asked for a pair. How much are they? I asked. That much? Wow. “Oh, but they are bi-directional”, Snap-On guy replied. Bi-directional, hmm. Well, I guess that is worth it, so I paid the man. The problem is that now, not only do I have to remember which way to wind the wire around the bold head, I also have to decide which direction to twist the wire. Too bad someone has not invented a pair of pliers that automatically knows which way to turn and how many turns are needed for a “proper” safety wiring job. In the meantime, I try to console myself by placing all my reject attempts in the recycle bin. I hate to see all that nice stainless steel go to waste.

John M.

Once had a phantom leak from an old Marvel carburetor. You are right that it’s almost certainly a float or needle valve. If it’s the float, the unit is coming off. If it is the needle valve there is a chance that a speck of debris has lodged between the needle and seat. A solid whack with a plastic hammer “repaired” my leak never to return.

P.S. It’s a shame there isn’t a hall of fame dedicated to botched safety wiring – I could fill a 55 gallon drum with mine.

Kim H.

Portable Speaker May Have Sunk Amphib

It happens…to all of us…I won’t mention mine. However, I picked up an Aeronca Chief to bring home. First time I removed the top cowling to look it over after I got it home, found a super-sized industrial strength pair of pliers sitting on top of the cylinders. And, Reba McEntire’s Hawker was coming in one night at the last airport at which I worked (ATC). Pilot couldn’t get the nose gear to extend. Landed with a beautiful shower of sparks. When finally ground to a halt, the airport brought a lift truck out to see if the nose could be raised and the gear extended by hand. It could. And as it was being done, a super-sized industrial strength flashlight dropped out of the gear mechanism. Among us, “there are those who have and those who will.”

Roger A.

Poll: Are You Doing Any Virtual Aviation Events?

  • Yes – The FAASTeam has transitioned their in-person events to webinars. Lots to choose from.
  • No. Too busy looking for work.
  • EAA, AMA club meetings, virtual workshops.
  • No. We are among the 93 million Americans who cannot get real high-speed internet at home.
  • There have been a few online presentations recently about avionics and other aircraft topics that I have “attended.” Seems like some vendors have decided this is a good way to keep the currently grounded pilots interested.
  • I live eating cookies, watching somebody eat cookies not so much.
  • My flying club has been holding virtual meetings since April. They’ve been well-attended, but it’s not the same as an in-person event. Still, it’s better than nothing.
  • Did a few aviation lectures over Zoom.
  • Get serious. This silliness has gone far enough!
  • I would but I’m afraid of Russ Niles’ wrath.
  • Rather than complaining I am spending more time flying my airplane. Any flying is better than none.
  • 99s meetings.
  • Nope.
  • I organized a virtual rally for our club-members and had very few participants.
  • A320 school. LMS
  • Internet not available.
  • Several webinars.
  • What virtual aviation events?

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