Top Letters And Comments, May 15, 2020


Rudy And The J-3 TP Massacre

Paul, What a wonderful story and so typical of dad. If you came to the airport, he would treat you like a star. Even if you did not bring an airplane that he wanted to fly. We grew up with the TP maneuver. At a Frasca Field Airshow, the announcer would build up the maneuver as ‘The Great Northern Roll, a treat and something spectacular’ while dad climbed out. Thank you so much for sharing your memories in such a wonderful way.

John Frasca

Delta To Retire 777 Fleet

The used airliner market will be interesting. I am sure, now that Delta has set this precedence, many more airlines will be publicly announcing what they have been privately planning for some weeks now, a slew of airliner retirements. It certainly sets the table for what the legacy carriers are preparing for in their passenger load predictions for the next 2-3 years.

This certainly does not help Boeing either losing the parts/maintenance support business because of Delta’s 777 fleet retirement. I am sure there will be a bunch of Boeing 777/767/757/747/737 retirements soon to be announced. It will be interesting to see what the results will be for both Boeing and Airbus as the airlines “thin their herds”.

Looks like a great opportunity for the Federal Government to expand Davis-Monthan and provide retired airliner long term parking and storage for a fee and get a few bucks back from the Airline Bailout Program (ABP…I just wanted to invent another acronym…aviation thrives on them…just doing my part). The airliner pickling business will be the next aviation “boom” venue.

Jim H.

THE question for Boeing AND for Airbus:

When demand rebounds, will the airlines want new, fuel-efficient planes, or will they elect to return already-depreciated (paid-for) fuel-guzzlers into service? If fuel stays cheap, that latter option may be very attractive.

Any way you look at this, the demand for ANY new airliners likely will be anemic, for years to come.

Boeing AND Airbus EACH have an on-paper backlog of about 5,000 planes. Under extant and evolving circumstances, how many of those 10,000 airplanes ever will get built/delivered?

When demand returns, thin routes likely will dominate the landscape. Will that make the 777X – technically, still in development – the perfect plane for a market that no longer exists?

What the emerging market likely will need/want is a family of aircraft that can replace both the 757 AND the 737. This means that, perhaps counter-intuitively, NOW is the time to design the long-awaited 797.

In a risk-averse world, run by bean-counters, what are the chances?


Poll: Do You Think That Navy HUD Footage Showed Alien Spacecraft?

  • First of all, UFO simply means there is/was something flying about but it wasn’t possible to identify it at that time. No implication of alien involvement there at all. Secondly, the Navy has it nailed. Who says any (or perhaps better all) of these observations must be actual objects? At the end of the day, as Paul Bertorelli mentioned the man’s name in his column, I stick with Neil deGrasse Tyson. The thought of advanced lifeforms, who are most certainly out there, visiting us is ludicrous. Arguably, having made the effort to travel all the way to Earth, surely they would expect to find at least a modicum of intelligence among the occupants. The technology necessary to traverse the vast distances in space would make it child’s play to design long-range detectors of all sorts. In other words, from about Jupiter they would, to their shock and dismay, discover that this planet harbours over 7 billion halfwits. The rampant stupidity is amply proven, for example, by those around the world who claim they were abducted by aliens. Not only were they obviously the rejects, having been sent back. No, now they have nothing better to do than boast about it. In conclusion, all any alien voyagers would do, was turn around in tears and abject consternation. Having said that, in how far Douglas Adam’s assertion that UFOs are just alien teenage hooligans who are having a good time at the expense of unsuspecting humans has any merit may deserve closer inspection. – Peter Mueller
  • It’s the military or CIA pulling another fast one just like SR-71, F-117. So what if a naval aviator doesn’t know what it is. Doesn’t mean it’s alien. Just means you don’t have a clue what it is.
  • Article was spot on. “Belief” in what it is or isn’t doesn’t have any bearing. If there’s not enough evidence then look for more and follow the science where it takes us (the scientific method). But until then it’s just going to have to be a mystery. Use the scientific method and follow the science where it takes it.
  • Very unlikely. Unexplained aerial phenomena covers it nicely, but it’s a pretty big leap to assuming they’re alien spacecraft.
  • I think fast mover might have been a missile or a shell from a ships gun. Not sure about the blurry one but the other one changing shape looked like an aircraft with a weird wing, like an Avro Vulcan or Skyray, banking.
  • Occam’s Razor, it’s more likely that it was something else.
  • Certainly unidentified a/c. I don’t believe it’s US therefore “alien” by definition. Extraterrestrial? Unlikely, but not out of the question.
  • Hard to see anything convincing.
  • Don’t know and there is insufficient information to draw any conclusion.
  • It was just a fly in the scope, folks!
  • Yes, I certainly do. The surprising thing is that the public was allowed to view this one. There have been many, many of these sightings before that were never made public the way this has.
  • Looked like NCC-1707D to me.
  • Alien? As a Webster man I must answer, definitely! But I can’t prove I haven’t been abducted by Extraterrestrials.
  • “Unidentified aerial phenomena” is exactly what the footage shows.
  • Might want to read the 1950 short story or Twilight Zone adaption of “Serving Humanity.”
  • A bug on the windshield.
  • Target in one tape looks more like a pseudo-target injected for system testing and alignment. An Easter egg?
  • Look, unidentified means…unidentified. Anything beyond that is speculation.
  • I think it is the U.S. testing fake radar objects to confuse foreign radar.
  • Yes…no doubt!
  • Get a grip.
  • Insect on the sensor.
  • Unidentified, yes. Alien, not sure.
  • As usual, it’s so blurred nobody can tell anything!
  • Yes. There have been credible sightings for decades.
  • Define “alien.” Extraterrestrial? Nope!
  • I tip my foil hat to your willing show of bias in the article & questions.
  • Obviously “swamp gas.”
  • Absolutely, arrogant to think Earth is sole occupant of Universe!
  • Hologram + electronic countermeasure to fool radar.
  • Yes. I believe that these were not from this planet. Not that another life form was aboard but an advanced deep space probe. Possible AI controlled developed by a life form millions of years ahead of us.
  • The higher probability is an equipment glitch.
  • It’s a secret government aircraft or an electronic glitch. Let’s see the high definition footage.
  • A Star Alliance craft.
  • It was a low flying albatross.
  • Doubt it.
  • Yes. Why not? They’ve been seen for years.
  • If it isn’t alien or ours, our intelligence has failed.
  • By dignifying this as a question you’re perpetuating this nonsense.
  • Open mind – insufficient data!
  • Unidentified Flying Object, that’s all nothing more or nothing less.
  • Always blurry disbelief until clear.
  • It’s a goose!
  • Yes, but that’s just a little fellow.
  • Probably not, but it should be investigated.
  • Drones.
  • If these episodes were caused by aliens, that would imply the “someone” has found a way around Einstein’s well tested theories/laws.
  • Space Force.

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