“You Don’t Start with a Rolls Royce”: NBAA Responds to Carl Marbach

The NBAA's John W. Olcott responds to a recent AVweb editorial.


January 30, 1997

Dear Mr. Marbach,

The National Business Aircraft Association recognizes the significant role single and light twin piston-engine aircraft play within business aviation. We encourage operators of all types of general aviation to participate in NBAA Membership and the various informational programs offered by the Association to the entire business aviation community whether or not the operator is an NBAA member.

Currently, the NBAA Membership fleet includes 1,132 piston-powered aircraft, of which 533 are singles, 321 are light twins under 6,000 pounds and 278 are cabin-class twins. We have a special seminar program specifically for the businessman (and woman) pilot/operator, and we include case studies of piston singles and light twins in our advocacy materials. Furthermore, NBAA played a significant role in the NASA report that resulted in the very exciting and potentially significant NASA Advanced General Aviation Transportation Experiment (AGATE) and General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) programs. NBAA is an associate member of the AGATE Consortium.

Most manufacturers of piston-powered general aviation aircraft used for transportation displayed product at NBAA’s 49th Annual Meeting & Convention. They were welcome and received the same consideration as manufacturers of the largest business jets.

NBAA agrees with your valid observation that singles and light twins are also highly productive business tools and excellent forms of transportation. I use a Beech B55 for NBAA business when the mission can be achieved with that very capable light twin.

We extend to operators of all aircraft, including piston-powered singles, NBAA’s resources to enhance the safety, efficiency and acceptance of their activities in business aviation.

Very truly yours,

John W. Olcott
President, NBAA