Best of the Web: Spectacular Giant Scale Concorde Maiden Flight


Hardly a week passes when we don’t see another Giant Scale RC aircraft of some sort on its first flight. But last summer Otto Widlroither outdid them all with his dazzling 1/6 scale Concorde. At 33 feet long and 328 pounds, it required a real airport for the flight at Mühldorf am Inn in Bavaria. The video is remarkable for having onboard camera footage and impressive drone views of the landing and takeoff. Credit RCScaleAirplanes.

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  1. I am not a modeler, nor normally an RC enthusiast. But this is truly impressive. Mr. Widlroither can be justifiably proud of his efforts, and what he has accomplished. Outstanding…

  2. Impressive indeed! The model is as large as some LSAs and may have cost as much as some real airplanes. I wonder if he was charged a landing fee by the airport?