A little fun this week. I shot this video in honor of two friends struggling through a difficult time. I hope you find it amusing and entertaining. It was shot along the Florida coast near Venice and Sarasota. Note: If you try this, it works best between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.


  1. Very nice Paul. Great idea. From experience I know how difficult it can be to keep an airplane shadow on top of a road, a beach, or even piano keys exactly where you want it. You did it well. Bonus: no nosewheel shadow.

  2. Paul – that is a lovely sentiment. The shadow is certainly crisp, isn’t it? Margins are sharp, even close to the ground, where the penumbra effect from the sun should be most visible to the eye. Anyway, I hope your friends do well; it’s a really bad time out here for a lot of people. If you’re a praying man – I am not – pray for us all in the upcoming weeks.

  3. I believe that’s the best music video I’ve seen on AVweb! You may not have a lot of competition, but that’s a pretty high bar for everyone else, given that you didn’t use “Danger Zone”… :-/

    Best wishes for your friends, Paul. Most of us know someone hurting right now, but few of us can be as creatively compassionate as you.

  4. Although I’m not suffering through a difficult illness–get well soon, David and Christy–this video cheered me up anyway. Thanks Paul!

  5. What a great PERSONALIZED tribute to your friends!

    NO BETTER GIFT than a PERSONALIZED gift from the heart!

    You DO realize that you’ve blown your cover as an ascerbic, sharp-tongued, motocycle-riding, skydiving curmudgeon!

  6. Makes me want to get to know you better!
    The only real conversation we’ve had was when I gave you a short ride to your car from the grounds at DeLand (I think) last year. Shows don’t seem to give you much time to get to know people.

  7. “Cub Shadows” was brilliant and sweet and tugged at every Cub flyer’s heartstrings. What a splendid idea and masterful result. Thanks, Paul.

  8. Amazing coincidence:
    One morning I’m fly’n the J-3 to the local aerodrome (48X) for fuel. There’s my shadow moving along Florida hwy 64. Let’s see if I can match up my shadow with that motorcycle. Yup. Motorcycle pulls over and stops. I circle once, toot my air horn at him, and fly on.
    Related this later in the day at lunch with friends. One friend says: How’d you know that was me? I’d no clue it was my friend. What are the odds?

  9. That is a work of art, really.
    The script for your ridiculous patterns (a major issue at my aerodrome)
    is still one of my favorites, but this one tops it for sheer beauty.
    Thanks Paul.